Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B ‘fantasised about creating Josef Fritzl-style dungeon at his home’, pal claims

MADELEINE McCann prime suspect Christian B fantasised about creating a Josef Fritzl-style dungeon at his home, a pal has claimed.

The sex offender allegedly revealed his fantasy to a pal while living in the German city of Brunswick after returning to his home country from Portugal.

Christian B's pal – who wanted to remain anonymous – led a TV crew to the house where the twice convicted paedophile was living around 2013.

He alleged that the now 43-year-old German had confided in him that he dreamed of turning the cellar of his rented home into a basement liar.

Christian B is said to have wanted to create a dungeon like the one Fritzl built with soundproof walls.

There is no evidence to suggest the suspect ever followed through on this idea.

Christian B's pal said: "He had a cellar and he said he wanted to line it with heavy plates, like the guy in Austria."

Prosecutors have claimed the suspect also spoke about fantasies such as keeping people captive on online forums.

Other friends have claimed he even laughed when pals would joke he was keeping Maddie in his cellar at the property in Brunswick.

It emerged in 2008 that Fritzl had imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth in a soundproof dungeon beneath their home in Amstetten, Austria.

Over the span of 24 years he repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted her – resulting in the birth of seven children.

Disturbing details continue to emerge about Christian B and his past crimes as the probe into his links to Madeleine continues.

Australian TV show 60 Minutes reported his fantasy claims, with the paedophile's friend also alleging Christian B used to run a kiosk next to a school and kindergarten in Brunswick.

He said: "[The children] would spend their pocket money on sweets here.

"He gave the kids lollies for free."

And this is despite him already being a convicted sex offender – having abused children as early as 1994.

It comes as police are having to spool through 8,000 pieces of evidence found on hard drives and USB sticks which were buried at a property owned by Christian B.

Christian B is believed to have been working at the kiosk near the school, and revealed has fantasies about the Fritzl-dungeon, while police allege was also active on paedophile forums.

He is alleged to have told online paedos around this time that he wanted to "catch something small, and use it for days".

And horrifically he is alleged to have said that he wanted to rape a "little girl" while chatting online.

In these chats, he is also claimed to have expressed a desire to "document exactly how they will be tortured".

Police have not revealed the exact nature of the content in the 8,000 files found buried on his property.

Christian B is known to have returned to Germany after living near Praia du Luz at around the time Madeleine was taken.

German police revealed him as a new prime suspect in the 13-year-old case earlier this month – and have insisted they believe he abducted and killed the three-year-old in 2007.

No charges have yet been filed against Christian B, who has a record of sex offences and is now being linked to other missing children.

German prosecutors have insisted they have "concrete evidence" he is their man and that Madeleine is dead.

Cops have however declined to reveal what evidence they have she was killed, with British police still treating her vanishing as a missing persons probe.

Chief prosecutor in the case Hans Christian Wolters declined to confirm or deny if they have found any sign of Madeleine in videos and pictures found on Christian B's property.

The trove – which allegedly includes disturbing evidence of other crimes – was discovered buried along with a dead dog at the dilapidated and rubbish filed site in Neuwegers­leben, Germany.

Experts have said Christian B matches the profile of a Jimmy Savile-style “paraphiliac”, who targets victims of all ages.

His ex-lawyer Serafim Vieira has described him as having "'psychopathic traits" and admitted he could be responsible for Madeleine's abduction.

Madeleine is believed to have been snatched from the Ocean Club apartment where she was sleeping alongside her twin siblings Sean and Amelie on May 3, 2007.

Kate and Gerry were having dinner with pals just a one minute walk away when the tot vanished – with the mum discovering her daughter was missing just after 10pm.

The mum and dad – both doctors – have since poured their into efforts finding her and have never given up hope that Madeleine may be alive.

Madeleine would have turned 17 last month, and the family have described the identification of Christian B as "potentially very significant".

Christian B is currently serving time in jail after raping a 72-year-old woman in the resort town, and has already been linked to at least two other sex attacks on the Algarve.

Described as a "twisted loner", the sex offender is understood to have been a kind of drifter around the resort.

He lived in squalid homes and out of his van, and made money through petty crime.

This includes reports he used to break into people's holiday flats to steal, as well as being involved in drug dealing and stealing diesel from cars.

The suspect is known to have lived in the hills above Praia da Luz just 11 minutes drive away when Madeleine disappeared.

He also had a rundown and dilapidated shack only two miles away from the McCann's holiday let – and is known to have owned a mobile home he boasted could carry "drugs and children".

Christian B was first linked to the Madeleine case after he allegedly made a drunken boast he snatched her while in a bar on the tenth anniversary of the crime.

However, a series of bungles in the police investigation have cast doubt over whether prosecutors can secure a conviction.

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