Lidl explosion – Three injured after letter bomb explodes at Lidl HQ as bomb squad rush to scene

THREE people are injured after a letter bomb exploded at Lidl’s headquarters in Germany.

The wounded staff were airlifted to hospital and another 100 employees were evacuated from the building after the package blew up at 3pm.

One of the wounded parties is suffering moderate injuries, while the other two escaped with less serious injuries, according to local reports.

The bomb squad was deployed to the supermarket’s head offices in the city of Heilbronn to deal with the threat, the Daily Mail reported.

Local police did not say whether the incident was connected to another explosion on Tuesday, some 40 miles away at builders owned by ADM Wild; the beverage maker who manufacture Capri Sun.

 There was no evidence that Lidl had been subject to any blackmail or threats, leading up to the deliverance of the package, police said.

Police had cordoned off the building as officers secured and investigated the area. 

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