Kim Jong-un's army officers surround him with pistols drawn to mark 67th anniversary of the end of Korean War

ARMY officers surround Kim Jong-un with guns drawn.

But the North Korean dictator doesn’t seem bothered.

The 36-year-old gave out the commemorative weapons at a national cemetery to mark the 67th anniversary of the Korean War’s end.

The participants held high the pistols and made firm pledges to fight for Kim Jong Un at the cost of their lives.

The leader was also reported to have laid a single rose and bowed before a big monument at the Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery.

On Sunday, he put a city near the South Korean border in lockdown amid fears it had the secretive state’s “first” Covid-19 case.

If the person is diagnosed with the virus, it would be North Korea’s first officially confirmed case, though many outside experts believe the virus has already spread to the country.

But state media reported that the suspected virus patient was a runway who had fled to South Korea three years ago before illegally slipping back to the North early last week.

The dictator is in need of stronger internal unity as he struggles to withstand crippling U.S.-led sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic.

Some experts say North Korea was aiming to hold South Korea responsible for a virus spread and apply more pressure on its rival.

Others think the North may be trying to find an excuse to win anti-virus aid items from South.

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