Just NOT stopping, are they? Eco clowns stall rush hour traffic AGAIN

Just NOT stopping, are they? Eco clowns hold up rush hour traffic AGAIN with another maddening slow parade down London roads

  • Just Stop Oil were seen slow marching through Hammersmith and Pall Mall  

Just Stop Oil eco clowns have taken to the streets of London once again this morning, holding up rush hour traffic as they slow march on main roads. 

A group of the climate activists were seen holding up signs which read ‘we won’t die quietly’ and ‘new oil equals murder’ as they paraded through Hammersmith, in the west of the city.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police force are also dealing with a small number of protesters walking slowly along Pall Mall and the Kings Road in Chelsea.

The cops issued a Section 12 condition which ordered the eco-zealots to move onto the pavement. 

More follows. 

Just Stop Oil activists holding a slow march through Hammersmith, London 

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