Johnny Depp 'wrapped shirt around Amber Heard's neck and hit her during honeymoon row on the Oriental Express'

JOHNNY Depp repeatedly hit Amber Heard during their Oriental Express honeymoon, it was claimed today.

Her diary entry, read out in London’s High Court, said: “He hit me several times.”

Ms Heard also claimed Depp, 57, wrapped his shirt around her neck.

The couple stayed in a luxury cabin on the train in July 2015 to celebrate their marriage — but it is alleged the romance was quickly marred by Depp’s violent behaviour.

Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp is said to have attacked Ms Heard, hit her in the face and grabbed her by the throat.

He pushed her against a wall and tore off her T-shirt, it is claimed.

Ms Heard’s diary entry detailing the alleged attack was read out in London’s High Court.

It said: “Our fight was terrible. J finally at one point found himself with his shirt wrapped around my neck.

“He hit me several times. I don't even know how I wound up with this huge, rather annoying knot on the back of my head.”

In the entry Ms Heard, 34, berates herself for failing to “stand her ground” during the blazing row.

She wrote: “After three hours of sleep, and the terrible fight we got in last night, we are both walking zombies today.

“A night that ended at 3.30 and was brutally interrupted by the train’s imminent arrival to the Singapore station too early this morning.

“After three hours of sleep, it had felt like an even more brutal heart hangover. Hurt last night was particularly bad.

“I hate that I allow it by never using that as a line for which I stand my ground.”


Depp has previously admitted they argued on the train in south-east Asia but he denies ever being violent towards Ms Heard.

The actor claims Ms Heard’s diary is a hoax and an “insurance dossier” she compiled to make money from him after they split.

Depp is suing The Sun for libel for referring to him as a “wife beater” in a 2018 article. The Sun, supported by Ms Heard, says the term was justified.

Depp’s security guard Malcolm Connolly denied there was any assault on the train trip.

He said: “If she had suffered any injuries I would have noticed. I looked after Amber.”

But ex-prison officer Mr Connolly admitted a fight could have occurred without him realising.

The Sun’s barrister Sasha Wass asked where Mr Connolly was on the train. He said he was “three or four doors” from the couple.

Ms Wass said: “So, if a fight had taken place at 3.30 in the morning, do you think you would necessarily have known about it?” He said: “I would never have known about it.”

Ms Heard accused Depp of attempting to humiliate her after his cleaner Hilda Vargas told the court she had discovered human poo in the actor’s bed.

Ms Vargas said: “I pulled back the top sheet on the bed and saw a large pile of faeces. I was horrified and disgusted. It was clear to me this was human faeces.”

Depp claims Ms Heard deliberately soiled the sheets at their Los Angeles home after an April 2016 row. She claims the mess was left by one of their Yorkshire terriers.

Ms Heard’s spokeswoman said: “This accusation is completely untrue and has been designed purely to humiliate Ms Heard.

“Mr Depp discussed committing such a prank for years beforehand and it plays to his lavatorial and abusive sense of humour.

“Mr Depp’s team is trying to grab headlines at the expense of the truth and distract from the serious, central issue of this case — the perpetration of domestic violence.”


Earlier, security guard Mr Connolly gave an account of a violent bust-up between Depp and Ms Heard in Australia in March 2015 — during which the tip of one of his fingers was severed.

An audio clip of Depp shouting and slurring incoherently during the incident was played in court.

It is claimed Depp, in Australia filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge in March 2015. went on a three-day drink and drugs binge in a rented house.

The actor allegedly “trashed” the house causing £80,000 worth of damage, scrawling on mirrors and walls with his own blood.

Mr Connolly said he had to “extract” the star from a “ruckus” with Ms Heard. But he insisted Depp was not drunk and the injury to his finger was done by Ms Heard.

He said: “Johnny was distraught, but coherent. It’s hard to tell with Johnny because he can take some volume of alcohol, but he didn’t appear that drunk to me.

“He was in a lot of pain. He said, ‘She’s just cut my f finger off’. He also said she put a cigarette out on his cheek. I could see a mark.”

Mr Connolly said he saw no marks on Ms Heard, who claims Depp scratched her.

Depp’s finger tip was found among the debris and “put on ice” to be reattached later, the court heard.

In yet another incident Aquaman star Ms Heard told Depp he was “washed up and fat”, the court heard.

Tara Roberts, estate manager at Depp’s island in the Bahamas, said it happened during a blazing row in December 2015.

She added: “I saw Amber lunge at Johnny. During this entire incident, I never saw Johnny hit Amber.”

Depp and Ms Heard sat just yards away from each other in court but avoided eye contact.

Depp’s ex Winona Ryder is due to give evidence tomorrow via video link.

The Stranger Things actress is expected to say Depp was never violent towards her.

French singer and model Vanessa Paradis, 47, mother of Depp’s two children, will give evidence on Thursday.

The case continues.

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