I’m a nice landlord – When I evict tenants I include a $25 Starbucks gift card but people say that only makes it worse | The Sun

A LANDLORD divided opinion after he claimed to have booted out his tenants with a $25 Starbucks voucher as a parting gift.

The self-proclaimed "nice guy" took to social media and spoke of his compassion after the occupants failed to pay rent for four months.

He filmed a short clip on his TikTok @danhentshel to run viewers through the eviction process.

Dan said: "As a landlord, this is how I try to make the eviction process as nice as possible for people.

"Here is an example of an eviction notice where unfortunately the tenant did not pay their rent for about four months.

"This is the visible notice and then on top of that I will put a $25 Starbucks gift card.


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"And this particular card I thought was funny because they have a dog that looks exactly like this.

"All of that goes into an envelope, which I put under their front door."

The video went gangbusters and attracted a whopping 537,000 views.

However, fans had mixed emotions about the gesture – with some arguing it made the matter worse.

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"Make sure to deduct the Starbucks gift card from the security deposit," a TikToker said.

"I don't think the £25 Starbucks card will soften the blow of the eviction but I guess it's better than nothing," one added.

"At least they can get a coffee while they cry," a second remarked.

"That's just passive aggressive," another said.

Rental disputes have trended online and sparked heated debates.

One landlord claimed they were "treated so bad" and it's in fact renters that have never had it so good.

Another homeowner hit back at claims that she's greedy after being blasted for criticising her tenants' "disaster" behaviour.

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