Heartbreaking pictures show Caroline Crouch getting ready for her wedding to monster husband who killed her

THESE are the poignant wedding snaps of murdered Brit mum Caroline Crouch.

Tragic Caroline, 20, was smothered by her twisted husband Charalambos 'Babis' Anagotopolous, 33, in an agonising six minutes as their year old baby daughter Lydia lay by her side.

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Chopper pilot Babis then callously told cops she had died after burglars broke into their apartment and he even strangled their pet seven month old puppy Roxy to make it more convincing.

The touching photos taken at their wedding in the Algarve in July 2019 show Caroline excitedly getting ready for her big day as she has her hair and make-up done by two local stylists.

But the man of her dreams turned out to be a brutal husband who subjected her to horrifying abuse before he smothered her to death in a fit of rage when she vowed to leave him.

Caroline had fallen in love with Babis after meeting him as a 15-year-old and after tying the knot they moved into an upmarket area of Athens where she was found dead last month.

Babis was caught out last week when police confronted him with data from his wife's smart watch.

It showed she died hours before he told them the raiders burst in and he confessed saying he had "snapped" after she attacked him and he feared for the safety of their baby daughter Lydia.

Yesterday Thanassis Harmanis, the Crouch family lawyer, exclusively told The Sun he would be filing a request at the family court in Athens today asking for full custody of Lydia to be given to Caroline's parents.

He said: "I will be speaking to the prosecutor and asking they give the daughter immediately to Caroline's family. Susan was Caroline's mother and Lydia is her granddaughter — you cannot give the child to the parents of a murderer.

"There is no way they can have split custody as Babis’ parents live in Athens and Caroline's parents are six hours away on the island of Alonissos. 

"It is just not practical and it is in the best interests of the child for her to go to Caroline's family.

"Susan has told me that she very much wants to have the baby and of course they will let Babis’ parents see her but my request is that she remain full time with her. 

"She lost her child because of this man. It's only right she should have the daughter with her."

I will be speaking to the prosecutor and asking they give the daughter immediately to Caroline's family

He added: "Caroline's mother Susan and her father are devastated by what has happened. She told me that if she lost her granddaughter as well as her daughter it would be the death of her.

"The custody is being debated by the courts at the moment and they will decide. 

"We know that Babis has said he wants both families to look after Lydia but social services will have to check and make sure which family is suitable.

"We are trying to see if we can reach a consensual agreement with Babis’ family, one that will be acceptable to the court, and if that is not agreed to then we will apply for exclusive custody.

"You have to understand that this grandchild will be a consolation for them. Time will pass and this child will at some point start asking for answers and then we will need the help of experts so that she can come back and balance mentally."

Asked about the "aggressive behaviour" attributed to the 20-year-old by the confessed murderer, Mr. Harmanis replied: "Of course the accused can claim anything he thinks helps him, but any claim about the past and whether there were conflicts between them can not help him.

"I have seen his claims that he was the victim of violence from Caroline, this is not true, it was Caroline who suffered violence from Babis."

Last night Babis was moved from the female wing of the maximum security prison where he is being held on the outskirts of Athens to the male section where he asked warders to find him a job.


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