Golden retriever tricks owner into thinking it has not eaten treat

Clever dog! Golden retriever tricks owner into thinking it has not eaten treat

  • A cunning canine has gone viral after sneaking snacks behind its owner’s back
  • In an adorable video, golden retriever is tested by being left with snack on table
  • After owner instructs not to eat and leaves the room, dog quickly devours treat
  • Cheeky pet then heads to snack draw and replaces it before the owner’s return

A very clever golden retriever has gone viral for tricking its owner into thinking it has not eaten a treat, by replacing it before the owner comes back.

The sneaky trick is all caught on camera as his owner attempts to recreate the stunt which was a viral trend between parents and their toddlers earlier this year.

In the video, which was originally shared on TikTok by @lilylikecat, the dog’s owner is stood next to a low table with his adorable golden retriever.

The man fetches a treat from a nearby draw and places it on the table.

He then tells the dog he is leaving before instructing him in Chinese to not eat the treat he has left there.

The dog’s owner leaves a tasty treat in front of his pet on the table before saying ‘don’t eat it’ and promptly leaving the room in an apparent test of adorable golden retriever’s restraint

Within seconds of the owner leaving the room, the cheeky canine has tucked into the treat

In a near slip up, the dog forgets to close the draw after placing the second treat on the table

But, within seconds of its owner leaving the room, the cheeky pooch checks the coast is clear and devours the tasty snack.

The golden retriever then heads over to the draw and tugs it open before grabbing a second treat to replace the now-eaten snack on the table and positions itself ready for the man’s return.

But just in time, the dog realises it has left the draw open so heads back over to nudge it shut moments before the owner returns.

With a pat on the head, the owner allows the dog to eat the snack as he is impressed with the apparent restraint.

The video was first shared on TikTok some time ago but has since gone viral after it resurfaced on Twitter and has been viewed more than 2.7million times.

When the owner returns, he is apparently impressed with his pet’s restraint and rewards him with the snack, unaware of his clever dog’s sneaky exploits while he was out of the room

Dog lovers have been quick to praise the pet’s ingenuity and were especially impressed that it remembered to close the draw after almost slipping up.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘That incredible, I love the bit where the dog suddenly remembers it hasn’t pushed the draw shut.’

Another added: ‘If that was a child in the same circumstances, the child would have forgotten to close the drawer.’

Some social media users decided the stunt was a set up but still couldn’t help admire the dog’s intelligence.

Sam Margrave said: ‘He must have taught him that. But that is genius.’

Someone else said: ‘Not set up at all. The drawer conveniently has a cord on it that the dog can grab. The bloke is off camera instructing the dog. But yeah, sweet.’

Another Twitter user, meanwhile, made a different observation, pointing out: ‘Would have been easier to eat straight from the drawer. Stupid dog!’

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