Golden retriever left looking like a piggy bank after clipper accident

In the dog pound: Golden retriever called Evie is left looking like a piggy bank after her owner accidentally removes 1cm of her hair during beard trim

  • Rachel Sharpe, 25, accidentally took a chunk of her dog Evie’s hair on her head
  • She held clippers close to the pet to show her son he shouldn’t be scared of them
  • The excitable dog jumped and headbutted the grooming tool taking off her hair

An unlucky golden retriever was left ‘looking like a piggy bank’ when she was accidentally caught by hair clippers during her owner’s lockdown beard trim. 

Rachel Sharpe, 25, was tending to her husband Joel’s facial hair in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, when their one-year-old son Christian became scared of the noisy grooming tool. 

On Wednesday night the nail technician turned to the family dog Evie to show her son there was nothing to be scared of. 

Evie, a four-year-old golden retriever from Gloucester, Gloucestershire, has been left with a new ‘doggie moneybox’ haircut after she accidentally headbutted some clippers while her owner Rachel Sharpe, 25, trimmed her husband Joel’s beard during lockdown

Evie’s owners pretended to put £2 coins into the ‘slot’ on the top of her head and the pictures of her looking forlorn have gone viral on Facebook

Unfortunately, the four-year-old dog jumped up in excitement and headbutted the clippers which took a 1cm chunk of her fur off. 

Evie, who was in a mood for the rest of the evening until she was fed some chicken, was left with a perfect rectangle cut out on the top of her head turning her into a ‘doggy moneybox’. 

Pictures of Evie looking forlorn and her owner pretending to put a £2 coin into the shaved section have gone viral and have been shared more than 42,000 times on Facebook.

Mrs Sharpe held the clippers over Evie’s head to show her son, Christian, one, there was no reason to be scared of the noise they made

Mrs Sharpe said: ‘Evie does like to be close to us all the time but I think she was intrigued as to what we were doing. She sat right behind me trying to see what was going on and then this happened.

‘She was just so bewildered with what happened and looked at me like ‘what have you just done’.

‘Because I was laughing and crying at the same time, she didn’t really know whether to be excited or worried.

‘I did have to bribe her with chicken. She was not happy with me all that night until I gave her some chicken, but she’s back to her happy little self again today.’

Mrs Sharpe was trimming her husband Joel’s beard when the unfortunate incident happened. Working in the RAF he normally isn’t allowed to grow a beard but had been letting it grow out during the coronavirus lockdown

Mr Sharpe, 25, isn’t normally allowed to grow a beard because of his bomb disposal job with the RAF but he was desperate for a trim despite the fact he hadn’t grown anything substantial yet.

He said: ‘I can’t even grow a beard. There’s about 13 hairs on my face and it was starting to look horrendous.

‘I’m not allowed to grow facial hair but being off for as long as we have I’d let the hair grow a bit and not had a shave.’ 

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