Florida parents raise over $11K to end mask mandate in schools

A group of parents has raised over $11,000 to sue a Florida school district to stop kids from being forced to wear masks.

The online fundraiser demanded the Sarasota County district give “each family the right and freedom to make medical decisions independently” for the “physical, emotional and social well-being of our children.”

“Children and teachers should not be REQUIRED to wear masks in order to have access to a brick and mortar education,” the group calling itself the “Concerned Parents of Sarasota County” said.

“We are asking you to help us tell the Sarasota County School District ‘NO’! They have overstepped their authority and must be reminded that they are accountable to the voting public,” the fundraiser said.

By Thursday morning, the group had raised $11,300 through 187 donors — more than the $11,000 it sought to get to cover legal action.

“Happy to announce, lawsuit is underway!” one of the organizers, Amy Cook, wrote in an update late Tuesday, saying it is expected to be filed by Friday.

“I am so happy to be apart of this movement to protect our children and our the future of humanity,” she said. “WE will make a difference TOGETHER!!” she added, signing off, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.”

The School Board’s current policy requires all students and staff to wear masks throughout the school day, apart from while exercising or eating, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune said. Pupils also get brief “mask breaks” if they are suitably socially distanced, the paper said.

The initial 90-day emergency policy runs out next month, and a vote on whether to extend it for the rest of the year is being held on Oct. 20, the paper said.

Board members have received dozens of emails from teachers urging them to keep the mask policy in place — and several older teachers have said they would take leave if it was lifted, the paper said.

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