Dutch cops investigating 'murder' discover the 'victim' is a SNOWMAN

Who iced Mr Frosty? Dutch cops investigate ‘murder’… only to discover the ‘victim’ is a SNOWMAN

  • Amsterdam cops saw what they thought was a body in a park late on Tuesday
  • Officers went to investigate, but instead of uncovering a cold-blooded murder they discovered the ‘victim’ was in fact a snowman 
  • Police have not found snowman’s creators, presumably as the trail has gone cold

Police in Amsterdam thinking they had uncovered a cold-blooded murder were left in hysterics after discovering their ‘victim’ was in fact a snowman. 

Officers patrolling the Dutch city’s Oosterpark area on Tuesday went to investigate after discovering what they thought was a body lying on the floor.

But when they approached the chilling scene they discovered the ‘iced’ victim was in fact a snowman that had been built laying down on its back.

Freeze! Dutch police who thought they had spotted a dead body in Amsterdam’s Oosterpark were left in hysterics after discovering the ‘victim’ was in fact a snowman

‘On Tuesday evening, officers in a car were patrolling through the Oosterpark, until they suddenly saw a person lying lifeless on the ground in the distance. 

‘A victim of a crime? Did someone get unwell? After our colleagues approached the “body” they saw that police tape or an ambulance would not be needed. 

‘It was actually a handsome piece of “snow art”, including a carrot nose! At least the colleagues could laugh a lot about it.’

Police have yet to trace the creators of the snowman, presumably because the trail has gone cold.

The Netherlands, like much of Europe, has been shivering through a February cold snap that has pushed temperatures to near-record lows.

A temperature of -20.5C was logged in Egmond aan Zee, 25 miles from Amsterdam, on Wednesday night, and forecasters are expecting that to dip even lower at the weekend.

The cold weather has also brought heavy snow across the country driven by Storm Darcy, forcing officials to declare a ‘code red’ emergency earlier this week.

The country’s first official snowstorm since 2010 – meaning heavy snow combined with gale-force winds – struck on Sunday , forcing all train services to be suspended.

Dozens of flights were delayed or cancelled at Schiphol airport while Eindhoven airport scrapped all services.

All trains were cancelled, including international services to Germany, while a tram derailed in the snow in The Hague.

Motorists were also told to avoid travelling as more than 80 cars were reported to have skidded off the road.

Most parts of the country had between two and four inches of snow but some areas received 12 inches, public broadcaster NOS said.

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