Driver films woman struggle to reverse

‘No, no keep STRAIGHT!’ Exasperated driver films woman making a complete mess of reversing down a narrow lane as waiting cars stack up behind him

  • Dashboard footage shows a woman driver struggle to reverse down a single lane 
  • The driver cannot keep the car straight and drives into bushes in Hertfordshire
  • Cars stack up behind the filmer while he waits for the woman to finish reversing

This is the embarrassing moment a driver struggles to reverse along a narrow country lane as a waiting motorist films her and gives a commentary on her erratic progress. 

The woman in the white hatchback took a painful three minutes to back down the country road in Redbourn, Hertfordshire, while the traffic jam of cars in front of her grew longer. 

Dashcam footage from the car in front captures her steering too far left, and right, rolling forward and veering into the bushes. 

As the woman keeps turning her steering wheel the agitated filmer exclaims: ‘No, no, no keep straight.’ 

A driver took three minutes to reverse down a single country lane in Redbourn, Hertfordshire unable to keep her car straight and driving into bushes

After the hapless driver eventually gets past one of the cars parked on the side of the road the filmer is able to move forward. 

The woman struggles past a second car, picks up a little speed and drives her car slightly into the bush again. 

Finally she manages to keep her car straight as she reverses slowly down the road.  

The driver had to reverse after a diversion had sent a queue of car down the country lane towards her. 

The filmer tells another motorist, who has managed to pull over on to the verge, that there are 15 to 20 cars stuck behind him.

After the driver struggled past two cars parked on the side of the road she was more able to keep her car straight and reversed down the road 

He said had been an accident on the main road in Rodbourn which diverted traffic down the lane. 

He added: ‘Little did they (or us) know, but the lady in the white car – she was ever so sweet, and a lot embarrassed – had missed the reversing lesson whilst doing her driving test!’

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