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WASPS are one of the most hated bugs among Brits as they are deemed useless for not producing honey and can also sting you.

But here we explain to you the importance of wasps, and what to do if one stings you.

Do wasps make honey?

The majority of species of wasps do not make honey.

What adult wasps do is kill prey so that they can feed it to their young, rather than eat it themselves.

Wasps however do feed on nectar, but this is not produced into honey, they simply take it to give themselves energy.

One wasp that creates honey is the Mexican honey wasp, but its production is still not as massive as that of the honeybee.

Their lack of honey production makes wasps one of the most hated bugs amongst the public, but they are very important to our ecosystem.

This is because they feed on plant pests such as aphids and caterpillars, and so without wasps, these insects would be eating up our crops.


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How to get rid of a wasp nest?

The best way to get rid of a wasp nest is to call for professional help.

If they tell you that they are coming in late and the situation is urgent, then you can try squirting dishwashing liquid into the end of your hosepipe and run the water until suds appear.

When the water pressure is high and the water becomes soapy and frothy, it will blow away the nest from a distance.

You can also try smoking it out with a small fire, a BBQ, or even by just putting a lit piece of material beneath it.

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This way the wasps will suffocate and evacuate.

Wasp nests can be very dangerous, so if it is possible, it's better to leave the experts to handle the work.

If not, wear as much safety equipment as you can.

Here are some more ways how to get rid of wasps in general and not just nests.

How to treat a wasp sting?

When you get stung, do not panic.

Most stings are not serious and they will get better within a few hours or days.

However, some may become infected at times or cause a severe allergic reaction, so it is best to seek medical attention immediately if this happens.

You'll know that this is happening because the area surrounding the sting gets bigger or you can also start feeling breathing difficulties, dizziness or might get a swollen face or mouth.

When you get stung, the area will probably turn red and you'll have a swollen lump which can be painful and at times itchy.

To treat your sting, first, you have to remove it.

Then wash the area with soap and water, and compress a cold object to it, such as an ice pack or a cloth cooled with cold water.

Do this for 10 minutes and also raise or elevate the area if possible to help reduce swelling.

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Try to avoid scratching the area or else you might cause an infection.

You should also avoid applying any home remedies such as vinegar or bicarbonate of soda.

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