Dad covered head to toe in tattoos was refused a job as teaching assistant because it was not a 'good example' to kids

A DAD-of-four who had 150-hours worth of tattoos on his entire head and body was refused a job as a teaching assistant because of his ink.

Karac Wilson, 39, from Sheffield was told he would not be able to work at a school near his home as the tattoos on his head, nipples and bum would not set "a good example" to kids.

The dad, who now works with kids in social care, said the interview through a job agency was the only real time he has had negative feedback for his ink.

He said: "The lady interviewing said I could not work with children as it was not a good example having tattoos. It's funny because I work with children and they all love it.

"I felt rejected at first and it made me feel embarrassed to be there.

"The lady who was going to do the interview said I should have put down that I had tattoos on my CV.

"Afterwards I just thought oh well their loss as I know I am really good at my job and can engage with kids well."


Karac, who has lost count of the number of tattoos he owns, has 17 portraits which took between nine and 10 hours per sitting to complete.

They feature the famous faces of various celebs including Drake on his inner thigh, Notorious B.I.G. on his head and Johnny Cash and Heddy Lamar on his bum.

Although some people stop and stare, Karac's family is more than happy with his look.

“Friends and family are cool with it, I think when I got my head tattooed they were shocked but they soon got used to it," he said.

“My kids don't really know me any different at all. They tell all their friends and teachers that daddy has his bum tattooed.

“I never have any direct comments from other parents but I can imagine I get lots of ‘what has he done to himself?’"

The proud dad, who has four kids Soraya, 17, Ameera nine, Marissa, five and Dakota one, got his first tattoo when he was 18 – a quote on his chest identical to that of rapper Ja Rule.

He has since spent 150 hours in total under the needle, with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Stevie Wander and rapper Eazy-E all featuring on his body.

Karac said: “I've had my whole body tattooed, portraits, lettering, realism, and traditional; I don't go too deep with the meaning and pretty much just get a tattoo if I like the design.

“I didn't find my portraits that painful. My most painful would be bum cheeks and nipples."

The dad has spent £6,000 on his tattoos in total but has been able to get most of them done for free due to his contacts in the industry.

He added: "You definitely get what you pay for so if an artist is cheap then I would avoid them.

“There's a saying that good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos aren't good.”

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