City fills skate park with sand amid coronavirus, so dirt bikers show up

Total airheads!

One California city’s scheme to stop kids from gathering at a skate park amid the coronavirus crisis by filling it with sand spectacularly backfired — when the park became a hotspot for dirt bikes, according to a report.

Bikers flocked to Ralph’s Skate Court in San Clemente, where they flaunted social distancing rules by popping wheelies and catching air on half pipes, video footage shows.

“The fact the city put the sand in there to try to social distance everyone – I think it’s a big joke,” Connor Ericsson, who posted the video on Instagram, told KUSI News. “These kids are cooped up inside their houses, they just want to go to the skate park and have some fun.”

Some of the dirt bikers then helped local skaters dig out the sand so they could do some “shredding,” too, he said.

“As soon as the skaters showed up, we got a broom and a shovel and we helped them sweep that thing out, get the sand out there so they could do a little social shredding themselves,” Ericsson said.

The city first shuttered the park and put up “no trespassing” signs on April 1 to encourage social distancing amid the pandemic.

When kids continued to flock to the park, officials dumped 37 tons of sand into it because it “appeared the closure was not being abided by,” city parks manager Samantha Wylie told the San Clemente Times.

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