Church clock fitted with muffler after 111 years due to one complaint

A CHURCH clock silenced for the first time in 111 years after a single complaint has been fitted with a muffler.

The Sun told last week how one resident complained to the council.

An environmental team declared the chimes above the legal limit.

All Saints Church in Kenton, Devon, faced being served with a noise abatement notice.

But now rector the Rev John Williams said the clock, which chimes on the hour and every 15 minutes, had been fitted with pads to “try to dull the sound”.

He said: “While some residents of Kenton don’t mind hearing the clock striking at night and find it comforting, we are nonetheless obliged to comply with the law.”

The diocese also hopes to raise £2,000 to have a mechanism fitted that turns the chimes off at night.

The church has housed the clock since 1910 but got the complaint after someone claimed to Teignbridge District Council that the chimes harmed their mental health.

But church bellringer Mike Adams said: “It’s crazy. Whoever complained has moved to the church — the church hasn’t moved to them.”

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