Candace Owens accuses Dems of ‘bringing back SEGREGATION’ and fostering ‘race hate’ in speech before Trump rally

CANDACE Owens accused Democrats of "bringing back segregation" as she addressed Trump supporters in Washington DC today.

The conservative commentator said Dems were "fostering race rate" as she spoke in front of a crowd of Blexit protesters on the Ellipse before the president gave his comeback speech at the White House.

Taking to the stage, she said: "I’m telling you now if the left wins, we are not going to recognise this country any more.

"What we are talking about and what they are after are Marxist principles.

"They are right now teaching in school critical race theory.

"The left is reintroducing the same segregation that they had decades ago.

"They are looking to foster race hate. When they look at a crowd like this, it makes them nervous."

The 31-year-old, who is seven months pregnant, urged black and latino Americans to 'find their voice'.

She said: "We have to talk about a lot of things that are happening right now on the left.

"Because right now what we are seeing taking place in this country is honestly a struggle between light and darkness, between God and Satan.

"There is not a time that black Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Brazilian Americans have needed to find their voice more. I know it can be scary.

They are looking to foster race hate. When they look at a crowd like this, it makes them nervous.

"I know what it’s like when you look at your own friends and family and they tell you that you’re crazy and you’re a racist." 

The Blexit founder also shared her admiration for police officers, her views were met with cheers.

"In places like New York City where shootings are up over 200% from this time last year because they are actively defunding the police officers," she said.

"I don’t want a community organisation, I want the police! If someone breaks into my home, I want somebody who is armed on my side of the law.

"They say you’re not allowed to talk about black on black crime, because it’s apparently racist to have that conversation.

"They want to talk about a pandemic but they don't want to talk about the issues that are going on in our communities."

Today was Trump's first public speech since he revealed he was diagnosed with coronavirus on Friday, October 2.

"I'm feeling great, how about you," Trump told supporters at the White House.

"I want to thank all of you for your prayers… In that hospital, I was watching down on so many people…" Trump continued.

He added : "Our nation is going to defeat this terrible China virus… and we're producing powerful therapies and drugs."

The name "China virus," which has often been used by Trump to refer to Covid-19, has been slammed as "racist" by some critics.

He then said of coronavirus: "It's going to disappear. It's disappearing."

Trump also swore he would beat Democrats in the upcoming election, as he said: "We cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation."

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