Boy, 3, claps for bin men from the window of his family's living room

‘Kind-hearted’ three-year-old who is obsessed with bin men claps for rubbish collectors from the window of his family’s living room as they continue working during coronavirus crisis

  • Sheona Emmott, 29, filmed her son Noah clapping and shouting ‘thank you’
  • Noah is obsessed with the bin men and usually goes outside to say hello 
  • Due to lockdown he applauded from the window instead of offering to help 

A three-year-old boy clapped for bin men from his family’s living room window as they made their collection despite the coronavirus crisis. 

His mum Sheona Emmott, 29, filmed her son Noah clapping out of their window and shouting ‘thank you’ as the bin lorry drives up their road. 

The mum of two, from Nelson, Lancashire, said Noah is obsessed with their street’s bin men. 

Noah starts clapping and shouting ‘thank you’ at the window for the bin men as they drive into his road 

He normally goes outside to say hello and offer to help but understood he couldn’t because of lockdown.  

Noah asked if he could clap from the living room window after they clapped the NHS workers.  

The adorable footage shows Noah clapping and shouting ‘thank you’ as the refuse collectors walk past his window last Monday. 

The workers wave at him and call out as they walk past. 

Noah continues clapping as they collect the rubbish and get back in the lorry to drive away. 

Noah continues enthusiastically clapping as the bin men collect the rubbish and he waves at them

Noah shouts thank you as they walk past his window and they call out in reply to him 

The three-year-old covers his ears as the bin lorry starts to reverse outside his window

Noah holds up his toy bin lorry. His mum Sheona Emmot, 29, said he is obsessed with the bin men and often goes outside to say hello

He leans forward and shouts ‘thank you’ directly out of the window. He turns to his mum and says: ‘They can’t hear me.’ 

Sheona reassures him they can hear him as he continues clapping and thanking them. 

The refuse collectors reverse up the road near Noah’s window and he briefly puts his hands over his ears while the truck beeps. 

Noah carries on waving while the bin lorry reverses down his road.  

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