Boris Johnson must end this saga and come clean about his flat refurbishment

End this, PM

THE longer the saga of Boris Johnson’s flat refit goes on the more absurd it gets.

He should come clean, detail exactly how much he was reportedly lent by the Tory Party and the terms. The more he shifts from foot to foot, the more ammunition he hands his enemies.

Labour already believe they have exposed the new Watergate.

In their ­frenzied desperation to topple the Brexit-backing Tory PM, they and the Boris-hating media have confected vast outrage over some pricey rolls of ­wallpaper in Downing Street.

They now treat every word from Dominic Cummings, whom they considered a liar until last week, as holy writ.

We doubt most voters could care less.

They would rather have a flawed PM who delivers than a morally ­unimpeachable dud. We tried that.

And when it comes to Brexit, vaccines and a giant economic rescue package, Boris has delivered all three.

Greedy Lott

THERE is no defence for Lotto multi­millionaires using the furlough scheme.

It is an emergency measure to shore up jobs which would otherwise be cut by Covid-hit firms.

Not a freebie from taxpayers to prevent jackpot winners like Gillian Bayford having to pay staff.

Some businesses, less badly affected than they feared, have rightly repaid the handouts.

Victoria Beckham chose not to furlough workers after a public outcry.

It is revolting to see a megarich Lotto couple, making millions in interest alone, net £37,000 from the public purse.

They should hand the lot back today.

India’s Trump

THE catastrophe in India is partly due to the Trump-like arrogance of its Prime Minister.

The country escaped its first wave relatively lightly. Two months ago Narendra Modi complacently declared victory.

Some cricket crowds were allowed back. Modi campaigned with no mask.

Now every day thousands die and a third of a million victims are newly infected. Wards are overflowing, oxygen supplies exhausted. Only ten per cent have the protection of even one jab.

This giant nation is a friend of Britain.

Our aid is now arriving there. But we must send much more.

Smiles better

HOW fabulous to see the Royals smiling again ten days on from the heartbreaking poignancy of Prince Philip’s funeral.

Especially our Queen, grinning broadly on a video call. William and Kate looked full of the joys of spring too.

And why not? A new YouGov poll reveals their popularity is soaring.

Not so much for Harry and Meghan. Theirs has fallen off a cliff into the Pacific.

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