Borat scene with 'daughter' strapped to car roof seen in hilarious police body cam footage and shows cops played along

POLICE body cam footage captured a hilarious moment when police pulled over "Borat" for tying his "daughter" on the roof of his car.

Given the success of his hit film "Borat," Sacha Baron Cohen once again stars as the title character in the sequel, "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm," now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Ahead of the film's release, a 13-minute video of the encounter Cohen, acting as Borat, had with two Georgia police officers who were allegedly responding to a 911 call by a "suspicious person."

In the video, Lilburn Police Department officers Alvey Lamb and Daniel Bride are seen playing along to Borat's antics, who was sitting in a yellow truck with his daughter, Tutar – played by Maria Bakalova – strapped into a car seat tied above the car.

Lamb's police body cam footage caught the interaction in January 2020. The footage shows Lamb questioning Borat and asking for identification.

That's when Borat takes out an "honor certificate" claiming it proved his daughter was "one of my properties."

Bride then asked Borat to him his driver's license while Lamb walked to a pedestrian taking photos of the truck. Lamb became suspicious of the situation, telling the pedestrian the "dude looks like Borat" and said he believed there were undercover cameras nearby.

When Lamb walked back to Bride – who showed him the license Borat had given him – Lamb told him of his suspicions.

"Dude, there is a camera around here and I’m not talking about the one on our chest," Lamb said. "I didn’t sign no waiver or nothing like that. I ain’t getting paid for it."

The officers decided to play around with Borat for a few more minutes, asking him about his supposedly 15-year-old daughter played by Bakalova, who is 24.

When asked how old his daughter was, Borat responded "212 moons" old. The officers then joked she couldn't be on the truck for too long because she wasn't strapped on that well.

A police report filed about the incident indicates it occurred on January 27 and the officers were on scene for about 13 minutes.

Cohen's character Borat has already been in the public light for a video showing Rudy Giuliani in a hotel room with Borat's alleged 15-year-old daughter. Tutar also apparently infiltrated a White House event and shook hands with Donald Trump Jr.

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