Blogger posts Hudson River swim on TikTok, much to internet’s dismay

A young woman posted TikTok footage of herself swimming in the Hudson River — sparking a tidal wave of grossed-out comments.

New York City food blogger “Donna P” posted clips of herself diving and leaping off a boat with the Statue of Liberty in the background last week.

“swimming with lady liberty,” she wrote next to some footage, and, “this feels like a dream,” the blogger added next to more video from another angle.”

But scores of disgusted, incredulous social-media posters warned that the woman, who TMZ said is 20, was in for a nightmare of potential health problems.

“This is a death sentence,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another added, “I kno she had chemical burns after that.”

Donna got so slammed that she forced to post a later video in which she recited facts about the river’s water quality — and promised to head to the doctor’s “soon.”

Citing the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation’s Web site about the river, the blogger said, “Is the water clean? Swimmable? The results are mixed.”

But “swallowing a few mouthfuls of river water does not significantly expose a person to these pollutants,” she added of the Hudson’s contamination.

Donna added in her post, “I’m fine guys 😊💜 thank you for your concern, I will be attending my annual check up soon! #learn #hudsonriver.”

The woman posts about city and Long Island eats on Instagram.

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