Biden buys into the left’s great lie

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Letters to the Editor — April 22, 2021

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President Biden had an opportunity after the guilty verdict in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial to reassure Americans that our legal system works and that justice had been done. Instead he told the nation that the case had “ripped the blinders off” and revealed, “for the whole world to see,” that we are a systemically racist society.

The president should be ashamed of himself. Biden’s declaration that America is a dystopia mired in irredeemable racism is a leftist lie meant to undermine society.

No one defended Derek Chauvin. His boss testified against him. A diverse jury weighed the evidence and found him guilty. On the local and national level, reforms are being debated, such as revoking immunity for police officers in certain cases. This is the system working.

But for progressives, that’s not enough. No, America must atone. We must self-flagellate.

To the extent Biden even understands what he is saying, he is merely parroting the talking points of Critical Race Theory. We must confess our privilege, which is wholly attached to our race, not our class. We must believe that this country was founded on white supremacy.

Never mind to Joe Biden that he was elected vice president to our first black president, nor that he was elected commander in chief with a black woman as vice president.

Nope, America has not changed.

Never mind that gang violence and guns are the real blight on black communities, taking far too many young lives, and that most black and Hispanic voters disagree with defunding the police, who are trying to stop the carnage.

No, it’s the cops.

So how is America to remove this racist stain on its soul? Prayer? Meditation? Woke training sections?

No, and here is where the true agenda is revealed. There is nothing that can make America not racist, they argue. It’s been that way since 1619, and not the Civil War, not civil rights, not the steady increases in black wealth and employment can change that. The prosecution of Chauvin isn’t enough, because, for the progressives and Black Lives Matter, it will never be enough. We will be racists until we tear down capitalism, eliminate the senate, expand the court, and live in a Marxist utopia where police are never needed and everyone gets a universal income. Never mind that these fantasies have never worked.

Biden the candidate said he was going to be the moderating force here. He said he opposed defunding the police. He said he would hear all sides and bring Americans together. He was down the middle Uncle Joe. He’s an uncle all right, he’s the one who shouts Black Lives Matter talking points at the Thanksgiving table.

Either Biden’s changed his mind, or he’s so terrified of AOC and the Squad that he has to blame “systematic racism” for every ill.

Why does he even want to be president of such a racist country? Why doesn’t he, the ultimate symbol of white privilege, resign? Mark my words, they will turn on him eventually.

Biden’s political calculation to bow to progressive lies on this question is callous and dangerous. He has proven adept at throwing red meat to the attack dogs in his party, they are growing, and even if he wants to, he does not have the power to keep them at bay.

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