‘Bank on it’: Cuomo warns another global pandemic will happen

Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned Friday that another global pandemic “will happen again,” as he reflected on lessons learned from the deadly coronavirus crisis that’s still plaguing the state.

“It will happen again. Bank on it,” Cuomo told reporters during his daily Albany press briefing.

The governor added, “Let’s not put our heads in the sand and think this is the only pandemic we’ll ever have.”

The remarks came moments after Cuomo declared that the US acted too slowly in safeguarding the nation against the outbreak of the virus after it emerged in Wuhan, China late last year.

“We acted two months after the China outbreak,” Cuomo said. “How can you expect that when you act two months after the outbreak in China the virus was only in China waiting for us to act?”

“The horse had already left the barn by the time we moved,” said Cuomo as he claimed that the US “closed the front door” on the bug with President Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China, “but we left the back door open.”

Cuomo continued, “So what is the lesson? An outbreak anywhere is an outbreak everywhere.”

“When you see in November, December an outbreak in China, just assume the next day it’s in the United States,” Cuomo warned. “Just assume that virus got on a plane that night and flew to New York or flew to Newark Airport and it’s now in New York.”

The governor said that moving forward “that has to be the operating mentality.”

Cuomo called the bug, which has now claimed the lives of more than 16,000 New Yorkers, “remarkably effective” at “spreading and growing.”

“All you need is one person to get on that plane in China and come to New York,” Cuomo explained, adding, “And you can’t assume two months later that virus is still gonna’ be sitting on a park bench in China waiting for us to get there.”

The governor once again raised the question of whose job it was to warn the US about the outbreak, and noted that Trump has put that blame on the World Health Organization.

“He’s right to ask the question because this was too little too late,” Cuomo said of the president. “And let’s find out what happened so it doesn’t happen again.”

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