Babysitter jailed after abusing toddler and sending video to lover

Depraved babysitter, 29, with ‘black heart’ is jailed after sexually abusing 18-month-old toddler in her care and sending video to her paedophile lover, 44

  • Depraved Paige Poole, 29, and Ross Kingsland, 44, met on extreme fetish site
  • She then sent him a video of herself sexually abusing an 18-month-old toddler 
  • Both have been jailed after committing several sexual offences against children 
  • Kingsland admitted 12 sex offences against children, while Poole admitted 20 

A depraved babysitter who filmed herself sexually abusing an 18-month-old toddler before sending the video to her paedophile lover has been jailed.

Paige Poole, 29, and Ross Kingsland, 44, met on an extreme fetish website and described each other as sharing the same ‘black heart’.

Poole filmed herself sexually abusing the child and sent the images to Kingsland, a married man living in Exeter, who encouraged her vile behaviour.

Kingsland was caught by police carrying out an undercover child sexual abuse investigation. Poole then came forward to say she was his lover and the true horror of their crimes was revealed. 

The pair appeared at Exeter Crown Court to be sentenced for a long list of horrifying offences committed against a child. 

Businessman Kingsland admitted 12 sex offences against children and was jailed for 11 years.

Poole, who carried out the abuse on the 18 month old girl up to eight times, was jailed for 13 years for the ‘multiple abhorrent offences’.  She admitted 20 sex offences against children.

Paige Poole, 29, and Ross Kingsland, 44, met on an extreme fetish website and described each other as sharing the same ‘black heart’.

They later met and conspired to rape another toddler but the prosecution was unable to say whether this happened which had left the victim’s family in ‘anguish’. 

Judge David Evans said: ‘You were both adults who knew what you were doing each and every step of the way. Each chose to plan and enact their deviant desires. This was a true meeting of wicked minds.

‘The bald truth is that each of you is a morally corrupt paedophile and it was the great misfortune of others that you found each other. You have deliberately and together caused the most awful distress to a good number of people. You have destroyed the lives of individuals and families concerned.’

Prosecutor, Mr Jason Beal, told the court pair were tracked down in the summer of 2020.  

A Met Police officer posed as a mother of two daughters aged eight and 12 offering them up for sexual abuse on a site called ‘They Grow Up So Fast’.

Kingsland called himself Dirty Dad and communicated with the ‘mother’ to meet up to sexually abuse the young sisters.

He also sent the mother a video file of a five year old he said he had abused, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Police last July arrested married Kingsland at his home in Exeter – and the next day Paige Poole visited his wife to say she was his girlfriend.

Poole said they had met on a website which catered for adults explicit sex tastes. said prosecutor Jason Beal.

It was when police forensically examined their mobile phones that the full horror of the sexual abuse was revealed.

The pair appeared at Exeter Crown Court to be sentenced for a long list of horrifying offences committed against a child

Poole was arrested in Staffordshire where a second phone was found hidden after she wiped traces of her activities on other devices.

She had been married for just two years and living in the UK for 18 months when she met Kingsland and became ’emotionally committed to him’.

The court was told that Poole made a series of sickening videos of herself abusing an 18 month old girl – naked and laughing as she made them.

Kingsland called her the Dark Angel and used black heart emojis and the sign of the devil.

He told her they were both ‘on the same dark path’.

The pair admitted a catalogue of 32 charges including conspiracy to rape a child, sexual assault and assault by penetration as well as taking and distributing child sex images.

The families of the victims made emotional statements to the court.

One described it saying ‘it seems like a nightmare’ and described Kingsland as an ‘evil, sick manipulative person’.

The mother of a victim described it as ‘abhorrent abuse’ and that ‘this abhorrent abuse would live with for ever’ calling the pair ‘dangerous, callous and contrived’.

Jenny Tallantyre, for Kingsland, said: ‘He has never abused a child directly, no contact offence against a child.

‘He found someone who shared an interest he had, an illegal sickening interest that was shared.’

Kingsland and Poole were put on the Sex Offenders’ register for life and given a 20 year Sexual Harm Prevention Order. They will serve two thirds of their jail terms before they can be considered for release. 

After the sentence, senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Si Costin, said: ‘Kingsland and Poole are two very dangerous individuals who abused a child and brought misery to families.

‘I would like to pay tribute to the bravery of the families who have given their statements in person explaining just how this has impacted on them. I really hope that they can start to move forward now that Kingsland and Poole have been sentenced.

‘This has been a very difficult investigation for everyone involved and one of the worst cases my team has dealt with. It has taken months of painstaking work including reviewing very upsetting images. The only satisfaction we can take is that the two offenders will be in prison for a long time and can’t hurt anyone else.

‘I hope this will also serve as a warning that the Paedophile Online Investigation Team are working proactively every day and if you are involved in child abuse we will detect you and the next knock on the door might be my team’.

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