As NY runs out of vaccine White House says it’ll ‘look into’ it

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Federal officials will “look into” why New York was allowed to run out of coronavirus vaccines — and whether it can tap a supply of doses that the feds say must be reserved for booster shots, President Biden’s press secretary said Friday.

During a White House briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki was not able to say what the Big Apple and Empire State — whose supplies of vaccines ran out Friday — could do to remedy the dire situation.

The stockpile isn’t expected to be refreshed by the federal government until early next week, and even then for roughly just a three-day supply.

“We’ve asked the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] to look into exactly this issue and see what can be done,” Psaki said when pressed by The Post.

“I don’t have any update beyond that, but certainly, we don’t want any states to run out of access to vaccine,” she said.

Psaki also declined to say if permission would be granted to administer “second-dose” vaccines to New Yorkers desperate to be inoculated, something Mayor Bill de Blasio pressed for hours earlier.

“Well, as you know, in the past we have advocated for releasing additional access from the reserves, but we have really deferred to health and medical experts,” Psaki said.

“So, that’s why we have asked the CDC to look into what the options are.”

Psaki said the CDC planned “to have the conversation with officials in New York and to look into what is possible. But I don’t want to get out in front of them. We want to lean into health and medical experts to make the decisions.”

Psaki, making reference to this being just the second full day that the Biden administration has been in office, added that “as we get our sea legs here, and our team starts to operationalize engagement with governors, engagement with local officials…we can avoid situations like this in the future.”

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