Armed civilians defend Kenosha gas station from arsonists amid Jacob Blake protests

A small militia of heavily armed civilians protected a gas station from being torched in Kenosha, Wisconsin following the police shooting of Jacob Blake — imploring rioters not to “f–k up” their own neighborhood.

“I’m on your side!” shouted one of three men carrying high-powered rifles and wearing helmets and protective clothing, with one in full military camouflage, according to video shot by Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott.

“But you can’t burn down your local businesses,” he shouted as they were heckled by a group of at least a dozen people outside.

The men — who insisted they were not affiliated with a militia organization — said they were not connected to the gas station but feared a “really bad” outcome if it was targeted by arsonists running rampant in the city.

“They’re destroying their own neighborhood,” one of the men said of the two nights of riots after the police shooting of Blake, 29, who is black.

“It’s the government that f—ed with you guys. It’s not the civilians,” he said of local businesses in the mostly black neighborhood that they wanted to protect.

“Go f–k up the government that just killed your man. Don’t f–k up your neighbors,” he said.

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