Arizona cops sprint into family's home to save drowning two-year-old

Heroic moment Arizona cops sprint into family’s home to save two-year-old girl’s life after she nearly drowned in backyard pool – and fist pump when she starts breathing again

  • Police in El Mirage, Arizona, were called on Saturday night to reports of a two-year-old girl who was found drowning in a swimming pool
  • Officer Garrin DeRonde and Officer Tyler Winger run into the bedroom of the house and perform CPR on the girl, who was found in the backyard pool
  • The little girl begins to choke up water and then cry: they help her to her feet, and then give each other a celebratory fist bump 

Dramatic bodycam footage shows the moment two Arizona police officers rushed into a home where a two-year-old girl had been found drowning in a backyard swimming pool, and perform life-saving CPR.

Officers Garrin DeRonde and Tyler Winger of El Mirage police were called to the house at 6:30pm on Saturday.

The pair run into the home, past shocked and startled relatives, with Winger asking: ‘Where’s she at?’

Someone yells: ‘Bedroom, bedroom, bedroom!’ 

Winger runs into the room and find the mother and little girl in a bedroom, with the mother crying and the girl on her back, struggling to breathe.

Bodycam footage shows Officer Tyler Winger performing CPR on the little girl, who was found drowning in a swimming pool in the backyard of the home

Officer Garrin DeRonde was moments behind his partner and helped assist with the life-saving actions

Winger begins chest compressions, with DeRonde arriving shortly after and helping straighten her legs and arms to allow her lungs to expand. 

‘There she is, hey, sweetheart,’ one of the officers says as she begins to respond.

DeRonde tells Winger: ‘Come on, come on, keep going.’

The girl begins to choke up water, and Winger moves her onto her side, patting her back.

‘There you go,’ says Winger. ‘Come on baby, cry, cry.’

Finally, the officers stand the little girl up. 

The video ends with officers fist-bumping each other in celebration and relief. 

When she began to choke up water, Winger turned the little girl onto her side

The two men fist bumped to celebrate saving her life

‘Good job,’ DeRonde tells Winger.

The little girl was taken to the hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery. 

‘Thanks to the quick response by our officers, a child’s life was saved,’ said El Mirage Police Chief Paul Marzocca. 

‘The relentless life-saving efforts by officers show their dedication to protecting the lives of our community members.’

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