Alleged NYC cat killer arrested by NYPD

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The brute accused of knocking a beloved Brooklyn cat out of a tree so his two dogs could maul it to death has been arrested, the NYPD said Monday. 

Fulton Gordon, 28, was cuffed Monday at around 3:30 pm inside NYCHA’s Breukelen Houses and charged with torturing, injuring or not feeding an animal, a misdemeanor crime, the NYPD said. 

He was given a desk appearance ticket and will have an arraignment at a later date, the agency explained. 

“I’m so relieved, maybe my appetite will come back,” Latonya Walker, the cat’s caretaker, told The Post when she learned of the arrest. 

On Jan. 13, Gordon was seen using a stick to knock the cat, a chunky black and white feline named Tuxedo, out of a tree and then sitting idly by as two pit bulls mauled him to death, according to a witness, police and Walker. 

Tuxedo was part of a managed feral colony and was dubbed the “mayor” of the complex for his friendly personality — he was known to hang out with residents as they worked on their cars in the parking lot and even had a best friend and a girlfriend, Walker said. 

Tuxedo’s death sparked global outrage and led to a petition with over 20,000 signatures from concerned citizens in over 80 countries in every inhabited continent on the globe who demanded the NYPD take swift action against the person responsible. 

Walker said she was glad to hear Gordon has finally been arrested and she’d like for him to have the chance at rehabilitation over jail time. 

“I wish we’d learn to love and respect each other, [there’s] enough young black men in jail. Respect goes a long way,” Walker said by phone. 

“And there are people from the hood that love animals, not abusing them.” 

She’d like for Gordon, and the person he was with that day, to take a class on managing community animals and would like to see the dogs involved receive medical care and possibly, a new home. 

“I would prefer to save somebody than to take them down and make them worse. I would love a rehabilitation, I would love to teach them about animals,” Walker said. 

“And everyone else, keep your damn animals on the leash and don’t think it’s cute to try to attack anybody because you’re teaching the animal to be a weapon and that’s not fair to the animal.” 

Gordon could not immediately be reached for comment. A relative of his was shocked to hear about the news but declined to say anything else. Calls to numbers listed in his family’s name were not immediately returned.

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