A thug kneed a woman so hard in the groin, she now uses a catheter

Thug who called victim a ‘p***bag’ and kneed her so hard in the groin she now uses a catheter jailed for 34 weeks

  •  The victim is ‘depressed’ and has developed a stammer following the attack

A thug who kneed a woman so hard she can no longer use the toilet properly has been jailed for 34 weeks. 

Jade King’s ‘prolonged attack’ on her victim outside a pub caused the woman to have life-changing injuries. 

King, 25, was on a night out in Warrington when she came across the victim, and a group of her friends, including an ex-partner of King’s on October 31, 2021.

The victim now uses a catheter bag and has ‘constant fear, panic, and anxiety’, Liverpool Crown Court heard today.

King came across the victim again, around a month after the attack, and threatened her, the Liverpool Echo has reported. 

King kneed the victim in the vaginal area, which was described as ‘an extremely hard blow’, and then hit her again in the head

King  bumped into the woman at the Blackburne Arms on Orford Green where the victim and her friends were. The group decided to leave the pub between 10pm and 11pm and head to The Jolly Tanner on Statham Avenue, where King followed them.

Joan Maxwell, prosecuting, told the court King rang the victim, who in turn told her to stop calling. King was said to become ‘irate’ and claimed she believed the woman was ‘taunting her’.

Ms Maxwell told the court: ‘[The victim] fell to the floor and the defendant also fell to the floor. They were described as lying next to one another.

‘The defendant then hit [the victim] again to the side of the head and [the victim] hit back.’

King then kneed the woman in the vaginal area which was described as ‘an extremely hard blow’ by the victim and then hit her again in the head. 

Following the attack, the woman had to attend Aintree Hospital as she was having urology problems and was not able to pass urine properly.

The cause of the symptoms were unknown and the victim was admitted to hospital for 10 days. 

It was heard in court the woman was fitted with a catheter bag and now has to self-catheterise following the attack. She also developed a stutter following the incident.

Jim Smith, defending, said King suffered from several mental health and medical conditions, which she has recently sought help for

Around a month after the assault, King came across the victim once again and followed her around Warrington town centre, threatening her.

The court heard she said to the victim: ‘I am going to kill you. You’re not going to make it out of the courtroom. You don’t know who you are messing with.’

King then proceeded to throw more abuse at the woman before calling her a ‘p*** bag’. 

In a victim impact statement, read out by Ms Maxwell, the woman said she is now living with a body that is ‘not functioning correctly’ and is now depressed.

The victim said she feels ‘tired all the time and alone’. 

She also said she now suffers from a stammer which she did not have before and has been told by medical professionals this is linked to PTSD.

Due to the urological issues the woman now has, she has also not been able to work and has to rely on her mum for many things. 

Jim Smith, defending, said King suffered from several mental health and medical conditions, which she has recently sought help for. 

The victim now uses a catheter bag and has ‘constant fear, panic, and anxiety’, Liverpool Crown Court heard today

Mr Smith said: ‘At the time of the incident, the defendant was suffering a number of issues that impacted her psychology.’

In mitigation, the court heard King had suffered trauma in her formative years and was a victim of abuse. Mr Smith said the 25-year-old was ‘deeply sorry’ for her actions and she had a ‘realistic prospect of rehabilitation’.

King, of Coronation Road, pleaded guilty to charges of common assault and witness intimidation. She was sentenced to 34 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months.

The 25-year-old was also ordered to pay £500 in victim compensation and a restraining order prohibiting King from contacting the victim was granted for five years.

Sentencing King, District Judge John McGarva, said: ‘For the assault, this is a very serious matter in its own right. Everyone was trying to have a good night out and have a good time. You were drunk and this is an aggravating factor…this is because it takes away the barrier to stop misbehaving.

Pictured: Warrington town centre, where King came across the victim on a night out (stock photo)

‘This was a prolonged attack which affected the victim on physical level [….] and has long-lasting implications for a young woman and far-reaching implications which has impacted her and caused her to be self-consciousness going out. This was a significant assault.’

He added that King ‘compounded’ her crime further by intimidating the victim after the assault, he added: ‘You could have walked away and not said anything, but you did not.’

The judge said he was satisfied there was a prospect for rehabilitation in the case of King. He also said he took into consideration the mitigation put forward and her guilty plea into consideration when sentencing.

Judge McGrava also addressed the victim directly in court and said: ‘Thank you for showing such dignity in the courtroom today.’

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