Woman buys ‘cockapoo’ in lockdown only to see it grow as big as a baby rhino

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A dog owner left This Morning viewers stunned after showing off her mini cockapoo – who is now the size of a baby rhino.

Tiffany Kindgon, from West Midlands, appeared on the ITV show yesterday (April 15) to share her astonishing story behind her adorable pooch Winnie, who now weighs 32kg (5st).

She revealed that she and partner Liam bought the then-11-week-old pet for £2,000 when she weighed only 4.6kg.

During the lockdown, Tiffany realised her dog was growing bigger and bigger and even became suspicious that she had been scammed by the breeder.

She said: "She eats so much food. We budgeted and worked out we could afford a little dog, she's huge!

"But I wouldn't change her for the world."

Winnie sat in the background and took up most of the space on the two-seater sofa during the interview.

Tiffany recalled the first time she met Winnie and said: "We went to the breeder and saw Winnie, and thought, 'Oh my gosh, we have got to have her'.

"She looked like a normal cockapoo, fairly small, we saw the mum, she was a cocker spaniel, we had paperwork, she was microchipped, it all seemed very genuine."

The breeder had told her that Winnie's father was a miniature poodle but she was baffled to see Winnie keep growing with her legs getting longer and longer.

Tiffany added: "It was a shock, I was going on Facebook and saying, 'Does anyone else have a cockapoo this big?'"

And when she contacted the breeder for more information, the messages bounced back and she realised they had been scammed.

After fellow dog walkers told Tiffany they didn't think Winnie was a cockapoo, she decided to get her a DNA test done to find out her heritage – which was a mix of Irish setter and a poodle

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