Will Mellor reveals heartache after being unable to hug his mum after his dad died of coronavirus – The Sun

WILL Mellor has opened up about his heartache after he was unable to hug his mum after his dad passed away last month.

Will, 44, appeared on  ITV's Loose Women today via video link to discuss the tragic loss and how he has been coping since.

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Asked by host Coleen Nolan if he had managed to hug his father before he died of Covid-19, Will replied: "No, that was the worse thing, and I’ve still not been able to hug my mum.

"We had the funeral and we was only allowed ten people in, the thing about this lockdown is people don’t even know the rules properly any more."

He continued: "We went to the funeral and I carried my dad in and rather than sit us separately, they sat me next to my mum and my sisters, who I’ve been isolating from. So it didn’t make any sense.

"We might as well have had 30 or 40 people in, if they’re gonna stick us all next to each other. I didn’t want to get into it, but it’s just the worst time for this to happen because I still can’t even hug my mum, I can’t even go in her house.

Speaking about the moment his father passed away, Will added: "My mum was sat in the garden self isolating at 4am.

"It’s tough, but she’s a strong woman, she’s got my sisters. I went there when I could, you’re careful not to break any rules."

Will went on to bravely speak about the last time he saw his father, and said he found comfort in his death being quite quick.

"One of the last things he said when he was being taken to an ambulance was he just wants to go to sleep and not wake up," he explained.

"He knew what was coming. It happened to my uncle and he didn’t want to waste away like my uncle.

"He knew what was coming and got his wish. I get a peace from that," he added.

"When he went in the ambulance he said to my sisters, 'I’ve had a great life'. He was saying goodbye, he knew and he just slipped away."

Will took to Instagram on April 18 to let people know that he had lost his hero and described it as: "The worst week of my life."

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