Why North West’s Artwork Is Causing Such A Stir

Kim Kardashian’s kids enjoy a glamorous life that includes over-the-top parties as well as surely endless opportunities. For instance, while North West could grow up to be a model thanks to her super-chic style, she could also use her creative talent to become an artist. Her mom proved just that when she “showed off an impressive landscape painting on her Instagram Story and claimed North West was the artist behind it,” per Page Six

Us Weekly noted that the “mini masterpiece showed a lake scene with two trees in the foreground and mountains in the back.” On top of that, North “covered the mountains in snow, added reflections to the water, and painted purple and white flowers.” So pretty!

However, instead of being incredibly impressed by the Bob Ross-like work, there were a lot of people who thought that something weird was up. “I will bet anything (even my life) that this painting was not done by north west,” one person tweeted, which echoed what many others felt about the piece of art. While Kim K’s oldest child could have inherited some creative talent from her famous parents, plenty of people just couldn’t get past her age, with another person tweeting, “THERE IS NO WAY THAT 7-YEAR-OLD PAINTED THIS.”

That surely leaves you wondering what’s going on. Well, read on to check out supposed proof that North may not have painted the piece and apparent evidence that she was the artist behind the amazing painting.

Did Kim Kardashian lie about North West's painting?

North West may be a talented artist, but did she really paint the piece that Kim Kardashian shared? While there were those who came up with theories that seemed to soothe their doubt — such as, “I was up all night thinking about the North West painting and I’ve decided that it is a color by numbers painting” — others were sure that the story was simply untrue. “When you zoom in you can see the border on the transparent “North =),” one Twitter user wrote along with a laughing emoji. Someone else responded with apparent proof in the form of a close-up image of the signature on the painting that they suggested showed that the name had been added digitally.

However, others were open to the idea that North is an amazing young painter (and even had another explanation for the seemingly wonky text issue). “I just wanna say, as an artist I fully believe North could’ve really painted this (I’ve seen some amazing paintings done by very young kids),” one person tweeted in defense.

Things may have been settled, though, when someone explained that her mom is the art teacher who showed North how to paint her masterpiece. In fact, it turns out that “everyone who comes through her class goes through this exact same painting when they’re starting.” The woman who posted even shared a look at her own version of the piece that she did as a child. So, mystery solved?

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