Why Golden Globes Fans Are Roasting Bryce Dallas Howard’s Dress

Actor Bryce Dallas Howard stunned many when she showed up as a presenter to the 2021 Golden Globes — but not in the way she had probably hoped, unfortunately. Many viewers of the awards ceremony quickly took to Twitter to proclaim their disdain for the celebrity’s wardrobe choice. 

One tweet congratulated Howard on what they referred to as “Not just the worst dress THIS year. But the worst dress of any #GoldenGlobes EVER.” YIKES. Another user suggested that someone should be given a pink slip over the fashion debacle. “Came here to see when Bryce Dallas Howard’s dress choice starts trending. Several people should be unemployed tomorrow,” the tweet read. Meanwhile, another Twitter user noted the striking similarities between Howard’s dress and the rocket ship-shaped popsicles they used to enjoy during their most formative years. “#GoldenGlobes Bryce Dallas Howard’s dress reminds me of my childhood,” the user tweeted along with an image juxtaposing a photo of Howard’s dress and the aforementioned patriotic Rocket Pop. 

But what does Howard think about the backlash? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Bryce Dallas Howard opted for a secondhand dress

It appears 2021 Golden Globes presenter Bryce Dallas Howard is unbothered by the outrage over her fashion choice. “As many of you know, I love the sustainability of consignment fashion and often find secondhand pieces for press,” she wrote on Instagram. “When I found out I was presenting at the #GoldenGlobes, I immediately went back to my tried and true friend, @therealreal!” she explained about her decision to wear something secondhand. “Tonight’s ‘fit is a @TemperleyLondon sequin ombré dress,” she added. She also noted that it was no mistake that the ombre dress matched her hair. All part of the plan, Howard explained.

Howard also divulged that the shoes she paired with the sequin ensemble were by Alexander McQueen. What’s more? She opted to do her hair and makeup, albeit under the “virtual direction” of freelance hairstylist Jason Low and award-winning makeup artist Vivian Baker. Stars… maybe they really are just like us, consignment shopping and all.

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