Who is Line of Duty star Shalom Brune-Franklin and what has she been in?

SHALOM Brune-Franklin is a popular UK actress, most recently appearing in hit BBC smash Line Of Duty.

The English-born Australian previously landed roles in BBC political drama Roadkill and TV classic Line of Duty.

Who is Shalom Brune-Franklin?

Shalom, 26, is an English-born Australian actress.

Brune-Franklin grew up on a council estate in St Albans, born to a Mauritian mother and an English-Thai father.

When she was 15 her parents moved to Perth, Australia.

Whilst in Perth, the young actress joined the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and began her acting career.

Brune-Franklin told the Telegraph: “Watching my parents has been my biggest inspiration. They decided they’d rather struggle by the sea than struggle in a council flat, so they picked their whole lives up and reinvented themselves as people.

"My mum has always been a hustler – when we first moved to Australia she couldn’t even run around the block, so someone suggested she should take up bodybuilding. She won two competitions, and now she works in government. My parents lead by example with hard work.”

After graduating from school, Shalom received the Hugh Jackman scholarship for most outstanding performer.

When she returned to the UK, Shalom was cast in Channel 4’s The State, playing a woman recruited by Islamic State and her acting career took off from there.

Shalom lives with her grandparents in London, but returned to Australia when England went into lockdown.

She told Radio Times: “When I’m in Australia, I miss my friends and family in England, and when I’m in England, I miss my friends and family in Australia.

"I love both countries equally, so it’s really hard to decide where to set roots down. So far I haven’t had to make that choice, thankfully. My suitcase has done a few miles though.”

What else has she been in?

The young actress starred in BBC political drama Roadkill alongside Hugh Laurie.

She told the Radio Times the role "was a masterclass in acting.”

She added: “We had a 12-page scene, and they set aside a day to do it. I thought: ‘This is going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life,’ and it was. I still don’t believe it actually happened.”

Shalom joined the cast of cult-favourite police drama Line of Duty in February – which has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “Being on set as such a huge fan of the show is such a tripout,

“I was running around being a fangirl and I don’t know if that’s ever going to wear off.”

Shalom is known for playing Private Maisie Richards in the BBC's series Our Girl.

She also plays Morgan le Fay in Netflix's series Cursed alongside Katherine Langford.

She played Aoife in the Australian TV series Doctor Doctor.

Does she have a boyfriend?

In 2019, Shalom revealed she had a partner who she met while working on Doctor Doctor.

He is a producer who lives in Australia and she spoke about splitting her time between London and Oz ,

She said: “If you want a relationship to work, you will launch straight into long distance,

“Which is also awesome, because you get to travel, and meet up in all these great places, and it’s really cool.

“I am lucky I found the right person. We don’t find it difficult at all – it’s a part of us now, which is really cool.”

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