What happened in Blood series 1?

BLOOD is returning to our screens after series 1 had viewers gripped with its shocking storylines and unexpected twists.

Adrian Dunbar is leading the cast of the Channel 5 psychological family drama after he impressed in the first run of Channel 5’s hit.

What happened in Blood series 1?

The six part series told the story of a young woman called Cat, (Carolina Main) who returns to her childhood home in rural Ireland following the death of her mother, Mary ( Ingrid Craigie) from injuries sustained in a fall.

She suspects her father Jim, played by Adrain Dunbar may be hiding the truth about the events surrounding her mothers death.

As she delves deeper into her mothers death, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

On the day of her mothers funeral tensions run high and Jim re-introduces a distant relative into the household with whom Cat suspects has bad intentions.

Jim starts making Cat question her own sanity as he bats away her never-ending questions as she is determined to uncover what really happened the day her mother died.

She discovers a threatening phone call from her father to her mother on a mobile that was thrown away and also discovers her father was having an affair with his secretary Sarah (Sherren Martin).

In the gripping finale of series one, viewers learn the shocking truth about Mary's death.

Jim has stolen money from a patient of his called Rita to help pay for Mary's nurse, the big house, the car and Sarah's rent.

When Mary discovers the money he stole stashed in a bag she confronts him and offers a shocking ultimatum.

Mum-of-three Mary has been battling Moto Neurone Disease and begged her husband Jim to help assist her in her death.

She said: "We both know what this thing does. We know how it ends. I'll be unable to move or speak or breathe on my own, I won't wait long for that to happen.

"It's my death and I believe I've been speared the last of my faculties this long so I can decide how and when it happens"

Cat was shocked as her Dad finally revealed the truth of her beloved mum's final moments.

She suddenly saw a new side to her father, as a series of flashbacks shows his tender side in the lead-up to her death.

But Garda Breen was already suspicious and after fitting the final pieces together of the puzzle the series concludes as he arrests Jim.

What will happen in series 2?

WARNING: Spoilers from Blood series 2.

The second series picks up a year on from where we left off.

Jim returns to rebuild his family and make amends for his past when he learns his daughter Fiona suffers from the same neurological disease as his late wife Mary.

He moves in with her and her husband Paul on their farm in a bid to help and build bridges.

However, the six episodes will all flash back to the events that lead up to Fiona having a car crash as a result of her condition and then a subsequent investigation when police uncover something disturbing in the boot of her car.

Speaking about his return Dunbar says:"Initially everything seems okay. However, what happens next is a series of incidents that draw Jim and Paul into what looks like a drug ring."

With the rest of the family oblivious to the troubling situation, they all reunite and look forward to Fiona and Paul's twins holy communion.

What time is Blood on TV?

Blood season 2 returns to our screens TONIGHT Monday, April 27, 2020 at 9pm on Channel 5.

There will be six episodes in the series.

Season 2 picks up directly from the events of season 1.

Fans can watch the trailer for series 2 at the top of this article.

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