Wendy Williams demands Sharon Osbourne 'clean out her office' and QUIT The Talk after on-camera fight & racism claims

WENDY Williams told Sharon Osbourne to 'clean out her office' and QUIT The Talk.

The daytime talk show host blasted Sharon following her on-camera fight with Sheryl Underwood and racism allegations.

Wendy said: "I don't even like you, and I'm giving you advice… She should stop doing her media tour, and take today to clean out your office or send somebody in to get your stuff for you.

"Clean out your office and take it back to your compound… You got plenty of money.

"Talk, not The Talk, just talk in general, don't talk. Talk is no longer for you."

Last week on The Talk Sharon defended her friend Piers Morgan over his harsh criticism of Meghan Markle through the years.

Co-host Sheryl Underwood disagreed with Sharon, claiming Piers showed “racial implications with the way he spoke about Meghan” when he last appeared on their talk show.

The Talk is also on hiatus this week following multiple allegations of racism, against Sharon.

The Talk's former co-host Leah Remini reportedly claimed to journalist Yashar Ali Sharon called co-host Julie Chen “wonton” and “slanty eyes.”

Leah spoke to Yashar accusing Sharon of having a history of bullying and racist language.

The journalist said Leah, 50, has spoken on the record about the matter and deeply regrets the role she played in not speaking out sooner.

Ali approached Sharon's publicist Howard Bragman for comment, in which he said in a statement: “The only thing worse than a disgruntled former employee is a disgruntled former talk show host.

"For 11 years Sharon has been kind, collegial and friendly with her hosts as evidenced by throwing them parties, inviting them to her home in the UK and other gestures of kindness too many to name."

"Sharon is disappointed but unfazed and hardly surprised by the lies, the recasting of history and the bitterness coming out at this moment. She will survive this, as she always has and her heart will remain open and good, because she refuses to let others take her down

Sharon has since told DailyMail.com: “Everyone's got an opinion or a story like the wonton story. It's like f*** off with your f***ing wonton story. F*** off!”

She continued: 'Everybody's got an opinion and everybody's got a voice – it's fine. It's about knowing somebody's been called out for something and then somebody else is like, 'yes!! I'm going to add something too.’ Of course, it's a pile-on. People want to add fuel to the fire and it comes with the territory and that's fine.”

Sharon added that while she hasn't been fired yet, she's "sure" it'll happen.

She continued: "If that's what they want to do, so be it. I'm a big girl. I lost my cool in there [on the show], I did. I totally lost it and came off so horribly defensive. I can only learn from that.

"I don't know what they'll do. It's a big, ugly mess. But I didn't start it. I didn't start it. It's down to the producers of the show."

On Tuesday, Sharon sat down with ET and got candid about the severe backlash she is facing after last week’s fight with Sheryl. 

"I wish we could go on and have an adult conversation calmly and work it out but I don't know whether we can. I don't know whether it's gone past that. I would love to but I don't know whether I even want to go back… I don't know whether I'm wanted there,” she confessed of her uncertain future. 

In response to the fury she caused regarding her comments about race, she said: "Do I have my finger on the pulse of what's going on, with the Black situation in this country? No. The ins and the outs of the way the younger generation feel right now, I don't have my finger on the pulse."

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