Vanderpump Rules Recap: Kristen and Scheana Break Down, Schwartz In Dog House

“Everything’s not perfect. I cry every f–king day,” exclaims Scheana.

Following his verbal attack on Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz was in the hot seat this week on "Vanderpump Rules."

The new hour kicked off with him in Venice, California with the rest of the guys, where Beau was the only one who really held him to the fire for the nasty comments he made about his other half at a party the previous night.

ICYMI, Tom unloaded on Katie at a bash held by Sandoval and Ariana, after she complained that a prank involving fake police officers arresting Sandoval was in bad taste. In front of everyone, Tom said Katie was "ruining" the night and added "I’ve never been more turned off in my life." Yeah, it was bad.

"I was just tired and drunk and when she reacted the way she did, I was utterly disgusted and I shouldn’t have said it out loud," Schwartz told the other guys on their boys’ day out. "It would have been fine if there were no girls there," added Jax.

Later, Tom had to have a real talk with Katie about what went down. While he tried to downplay it, saying it’s "nothing we haven’t sailed before," Maloney wasn’t ready to write it off just yet. "It kind of rocked me a little bit," she told him.

"I overreacted to your reaction but I have to be honest, I still am dumbfounded and confused by your reaction," he then told her. "I felt it was a little insensitive for these times that we’re living in," she replied.

"Don’t be a social justice warrior," he then told her, "it was a harmless prank, but after the dust had settled you were still sulking and scowling. I thought it was a little self indulgent and immature. They put a lot of time and money into this and you made it about you."

Katie refused to apologize for being offended and said it was okay if he found it funny. Her issue was how he spoke to her in front of everyone else. "I made it way worse, I know. I was way out of line, I felt really bad," he admitted. "I was turned off, not in a sexual way. I don’t like being mean spirited. I’m sorry for speaking to you that way, I love you. I feel so gross. I was in dick mode, being a f–king ass. I had to scrub myself in the morning, I had a shame hangover."

And with that, everything was AOK again for Tom and Katie. She, however, would find more drama with Kristen Doute, who has been on the outs with both Maloney and Stassi Schroeder all season.

This time around, Lisa Vanderpump let it slip that Tom and Katie were going to have a legal wedding ceremony in Las Vegas — and Kristen was basically the only person who wasn’t invited. After Scheana Shay confirmed what she was missing out on, Kristen pulled Katie aside at Dayna’s birthday party and almost immediately started crying.

"You guys were all talking about the Vegas thing. I had no idea what you guys were talking about, didn’t know I was on the no fly list," she said, getting upset as she said the guest list was "everyone but me."

"I’m not angry with you, we just need a break from each other," Katie told her, which only upset Kristen more. "I literally love you more than anyone in my life, I would jump in front of traffic for you," said Kristen, "whether you like me or not, I love you. If you love me, you wouldn’t walk away from me when I need my friends the most."

There was no real resolution here as they just went off in different directions at the party.

Following some drama between Scheana and Dayna at the party over Brett, Shay had an emotional talk with LaLa Kent where she opened up about what’s really been bothering her.

When LaLa said Scheana has a history of getting attached to hot new single guys and puts out this facade that everything’s "perfect," Shay interrupted her.

"Everything’s not perfect. I cry every f–king day. It’s not over f–king Brett. It’s not over Dayna. It’s not over Max," she said, tearing up. "It’s my life and I’m doing this — I’m single, on my own, 34, f–king divorced — because I’m optimistic one day the right guy might come along and he might want to have kids with me. I’m doing this for a maybe. I feel very overwhelmed."

She continued in a confessional, "It’s frustrating when I see everyone around me have what I once had and what I want again. I just didn’t think I would be where I’m at at 34."

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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