Um, We Need to Know What's Up With 'Too Hot to Handle' Couple Cam and Emily

[This article contains spoilers from the first four episodes of Too Hot to Handle, season 2. Enjoy at your own risk!]

If you have spent any time in quarantine catching up on Netflix’s reality dating shows, then you’re most likely familiar with the phenomenon that is Too Hot to Handle. Sure, it’s no Bachelor Nation, but fully investing your time into beautiful, horny contestants all trying not to have sex for a $100,000 prize? Yeah, we won’t get offended if you abandon this article to catch up on the entire new set of episodes.

Now that season 2 is out for all us love-obsessed folks, we need to talk about some of the standout “couples” (if you could call them that). One such pairing: sexy Brits Cam and Emily.

A post shared by Too Hot To Handle (@toohotnetflix)

A post shared by Too Hot To Handle (@toohotnetflix)

While both are admittedly extremely hot (did you catch a glance at Cam’s abs yet?), their personalities couldn’t be any more different. Emily is a model by trade and self-proclaimed boy crazy, and Cam? Well, he’s a bit of a nerd, with an obsession for fantasy role-playing and Lord of the Rings. Yeah, that story of having sex with a girl dressed as an elf really didn’t do it for us in the way he thought it was going to.

Just because the two seem to not fit, doesn’t mean they immediately aren’t drawn to each other. In fact, they’re the first couple to break some of our dear AI Lana’s rules and have themselves a little makeout sesh! In between all the heavy petting, we’re wondering—did the twosome get together after the season, and more importantly, what’s going on with them now? Did they even make it to the end of the season!?

Are Cam and Emily still together?

Good q! Honestly, it’s a little hard to determine exactly what’s going on with any of the contestants, given how we haven’t seen the entire season. And if IG is a good indicator of what’s happening in real time, the twosome haven’t posted any photos together. If anything, they’re both just living their best lives, soaking up the summer sun and showing off their ridiculously ripped bodies.

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I mean, COME ON! If I could have Emily’s waistline, you’d best believe I’d be wearing a bikini 24/7!

But alas, until the final episodes air (if you’re wondering exactly when you can expect to watch them, click here!), there’s no way to know whether this couple builds a bigger connection than just making out and breaking the rules of the villa. But hey, we’re always gonna root for love, and let’s hope these two actually make it off the island together!

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