Ulrika Jonsson flirts with BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker as she praises his ‘70’s pornstar hair’ on Instagram

ULRIKA Jonsson flirted with BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker today as she praised his ‘70’s pornstar hair’ on Instagram

The 53-year-old couldn't help giggling at Tomaszwhen the meteorologist gave a weather update on BBC Breakfast.

Schafernaker's hair has grown since the UK went into its first lockdown over a year ago, despite barber shops reopening sporadically.

80's TV weather girl Ulrika, drew attention to the 42-year old's mop top while watching the BBC. 

On Instagram, Ulrika, 53, shared his daily weather update, with the caption: 'Loving @schafernaker rocking his @jonbonjovi look.' to her 141k followers.

Laughing along, Schafernaker reposted it for his followers.

On Twitter, where Schafernaker's hairdo has an account, a fan joked: 'I imagine Tomasz Schafernaker is desperate for a haircut.'

A second added: 'What’s happened to Tomasz Schafernaker's hair… looks like a 1970s porn star.' 

A third said: 'Tomasz Schafernaker's hair is the most beautiful thing to have come out of this lockdown. It's so thick.' 

Another distracted fan commented: 'Tomasz Schafernaker is talking but all I can see is his hair. Hasn't he got lovely hair.' 

A meaner commenter said: 'What the feck is going on with Tomasz Schafernaker’s hair.' 

In a 2017 issue of You magazine, the Polish weatherman admitted he knew who should play him in a film of his life. 

'Dermot O’Leary,' he said. 'Because people always think I look like him.' 

Schafernaker, who has a passion for art, often shows off his watercolour creations on Instagram.

He added: 'I’m a keen artist, which is something I’m trying to develop. I am currently writing and illustrating a children’s book.'

Perhaps he will fit in a haircut now barbers are open.

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