Top Boys Lauryn star details scene she broke down in tears watching I gave so much

Top Boy: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Top Boy season two.

Drug kingpins Dushane Hill (played by Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane “Kano” Robinson) have finally returned to screens in season two of Top Boy after a long three-year wait and fans can’t be happier. Supporting star Saffron, plays Lauryn, sister of Dushane’s drug-dealing gang leader Jaq (Jasmine Jobson). After her betrayal to the clan, a vulnerable Lauryn was forced to flee London and found herself abandoned by her closest allies in season two. 

After being banished from Summerhouse, Lauryn finds solace in the arms of toxic lover Curtis (Howard Charles), who repeatedly beats her. 

The Lauryn actor described the emotionally draining process of portraying a victim of domestic abuse and revealed which shock twist scene left her distraught.

When Lauryn can finally escape Curtis’ grip, her sister Jaq tries to bargain for her to remain in London and prepares for a showdown with the Liverpudlian tough man.

However, not wanting her sister to get hurt, Lauryn lures Curtis to her home where she finds the courage to stab him repeatedly so she can be free of him. 

Speaking about the moment, Saffron confessed: “I cried. I did cry watching it back, you know, because I feel like I gave so much to that scene.”

“It was a lot and as an actor, as a person watching that, I gave so much to it and to see it back I was happy with it.”

The TV star told Digital Spy: “In the worst way, I was happy with it.”

Describing her role, Saffron claimed her character was “naive” and “always growing”.

If her toxic relationship wasn’t enough, it is also revealed that Lauryn is pregnant with her first child. 

Describing her scenes in the new eight-parter, Lauryn admitted: “It was heartbreaking at times.”

With cases of abuse soaring during the pandemic, the Top Boy starlet wanted to give her role justice and did her own research in preparation for the role. 

She said: “I wanted to do as much justice as I could to the part.

“I knew that this was an important story to share and to tell especially because we started filming during the pandemic. 

Saffron contacted the domestic abuse charity Refuge, who gave her a lot of support throughout. 

The 28-year-old remarked: “They educated me, they advised me,” adding:  “They’re still in contact with me now.”

In the latest season, Dushane and Sully are back to being at the top of their game after they won the war against Jamie (Micheal Ward). 

Series two kicks off with Jamie being released from prison and returning to his younger brothers at home. 

While he celebrates his freedom over a few drinks with his clan, Jaq rocks up to their reunion and gifts him a bottle of champagne from Dushane. 

Accepting the bottle with a sense of scepticism, Jaq revealed that he could thank Dushane in person after he had requested to see him. 

In the scenes that follow, Jamie is asked to “sell food” on behalf of Dushane and Sully, in payback for the pair helping him get out of prison.

Top Boy season two is available to stream on Netflix

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