Tiger King And I: The maddest moments from Netflix's new episode

Netflix finally gifted us with more Tiger King content in the form of a brand new after-show episode titled Tiger King And I. And as expected, it was almost as bonkers as the main saga.

The 40-minute chapter featured interviews from a number of stars from the original Joe Exotic documentary, including the likes of John Reinke, Joshua Dial, John Finlay, Saff, Erik Cowie, Rick Kirkman, and Jeff and Lauren Lowe.

Community’s Joel McHale caught up with the stars, who are quarantining in their homes, to find out their thoughts on the Joe Exotic versus Carole Baskin documentary saga since it skyrocketed. 

Here are the highlights in all their glory.

Saff trusting the tiger that ripped off his arm more than Joe Exotic

Shocking Tiger King scenes previously showed how Saff was totally unfazed when his arm was mauled by a tiger, prompting him to decide to have it amputated.

And the new episode shocked again as Saff revealed that he has more trust for the tiger who bit off his left arm than former employer Joe.

The wild revelation came to light when Joel dropped the question, to which he replied nonchalantly: ‘The tiger. I never stopped trusting the tiger.’

Joshua Dial claiming he saw a bear rip off a man’s finger

Joshua candidly claimed that he once bore witness to a savage attack at Joe’s zoo when he glanced out of the window from his office.

‘I once saw a guy get his finger bit off by a bear outside my office window,’ he disclosed.

‘Stuff that I’ll never see again in my life.’

He also added that his alarm every morning was the lions roaring.

‘All the windows in the house would rattle with the reverberations of the lions’ voices,’ Joshua continued.

John Reinke alleging that Joe Exotic blew up his golf cart

Joe was shown getting a little trigger happy in the main Tiger King series and footage showed him blowing up his own watch and shooting at his mattress.

And, according to head zookeeper John, Joe started ‘blowing everything up towards the end’.

‘I mean hell, he blew up my golf cart in my damn cabin,’ he spilled. ‘Knocked the windshield out of my golf cart, blew a hole in my cabin, blew a window out.’


John Finlay explaining why he was topless throughout Tiger King

John Finlay finally put the audiences mind at ease after revealing why he decided to go shirtless for the entirety of Tiger King.

The former GW zoo employee was put in the hot seat about his decision to go topless by Joel in the brand new after-show episode, and his answer was pretty simple really.

‘I got tattoos, why not show them off?’ he said, quickly admitting: ‘It was a little cold but it was fun.’

Rick Kirkham saying Joe Exotic ‘won’t leave prison alive’

TV producer Rick revealed that he’s adamant Joe won’t leave his 22-year prison sentence breathing.

‘I don’t think Joe Exotic will leave prison alive,’ Rick told Joel. ‘I don’t think he’ll be able to stand it. Even if he got out with good behaviour in 10, 12 years, he won’t live that long.’

‘I tell you what’s really eating him up is people like me, who are getting so much attention instead of him,’ Rick continued.

‘He’s not getting any of the money that is coming out, he doesn’t get any of the accolades, he doesn’t get any of the opportunities, he doesn’t get anything except three meals a day.’

Tiger King And I is available to stream on Netflix.

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