This Character From Disney Channel's 'Descendants' Didn't Have a Love Interest — but Definitely Wanted One

Mal may have ended up with Ben at the end of Descendants, but there were a few characters who still had an open-ended story following the premiere of Descendants 3. That includes Harry Hook, portrayed by Thomas Doherty, who even tried to kiss one character during the final movie in this Disney Channel original movie trilogy. 

‘Descendants’ fans first met Harry Hook with the second Disney Channel original movie 

Fans first met characters like Mal, Evie, Ben, Carlos, and Jay with the first Descendants movie, which premiered during 2015. It wasn’t until the second Descendants movie, however, that fans met some other VKs who were stuck on the Isle. 

That includes the daughter of Ursula named Uma, the son of Captain Hook named Harry, and the son of Gaston named Gil. Although these troublemakers don’t initially like Mal and her friends, they eventually team up for Descendants 3. 

Although his father was always searching for Peter Pan, Harry Hook always seemed to be searching for romance. At the end of the movie, Harry Hook walks up to Uma and Evie and asks if Mal is “definitely taken.” (Which is a cute nod to Thomas Doherty and Dove Cameron’s real-life relationship.) 

Harry Hook made a move on Uma during ‘Descendants 3’

Both Uma and Evie confirm that Mal is definitely staying with Ben and that’s when Harry Hook tries to make a move on Uma. She’s definitely not having it, though. No matter for Harry Hook.

He quickly catches Audrey as she’s dancing and the two say hi to one another. She grabs his arm and the two start dancing with one another. That’s not to say that Harry Hook didn’t have an adorable bromance with Jay throughout the movie.

After some initial disagreements, the two become friends. Together, they helped bring back to Auradon and allow those on the Isle of the Lost to cross the barrier. 

All three ‘Descendants’ movies are available for streaming on Disney+

In real life, though, actors Thomas Doherty and Dove Cameron are in a pretty loving and devoted relationship. They’ve been dating for a few years now, Dove Cameron even sharing how close they’ve become since their start as a couple. 

“My relationship with Thomas has been different than anything I’ve ever experienced with another human right from the very start,” Dove Cameron said during an interview with Seventeen Magazine. “I know this is cheesy, but honestly, right from the moment we met, it felt like the earth moved, for both of us.”

If you want to see Thomas Doherty and Dove Cameron acting in this trilogy, chances are, a subscription to Disney+ is your best bet. All three Descendants movies, as well as the television series spinoff titled Descendants: Wicked World, are available on this platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website. 

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