The Simpsons predicted yet another modern-day controversy

Simpsons viewers claim 1990 episode predicted a real-life event

The Simpsons viewers are convinced that another modern-day moment has been predicted by an early episode of the cartoon comedy. Fans are adamant one 1990s instalment shows the current controversy surrounding Michelangelo’s iconic Renaissance statue, undressed David.

One principal in Tallahassee, Florida recently resigned after parents complained about one of his school’s art lessons.

They called the class “pornographic” after students learned about Michelangelo’s David, created in marble between 1501 and 1504.

Some eagle-eyed Simpsons fans noted that this week’s ordeal is somewhat similar to an episode of Matt Groening’s cartoon from the 90s.

The entire situation is almost identical to the storyline of an episode titled Itchy & Scratchy & Marge.

In the old instalment, Marge creates an activist group called Springfieldians for Nonviolence, Understanding and Helping.

The group are campaigning against the creators of the fictional cartoon Itchy & Scratchy in a bid to remove all violence from their show.

Members turn to their leader when the statue of David arrives in Springfield.

They believed it “graphically portrays parts of the human body which, practical as they may be, are evil”.

Fans flocked to social media after the recent real-life controversy, referring to the old episode of The Simpsons.

Twitter user @theonlykmo wrote: “A reminder that the early years of The Simpsons sharply noted and satirized the moral panic of the right.

“Here they are 30 years ago talking about Michaelango’s David.”

Commenting on the episode, @DonutHolschtein added: “Normally I’m not all about the ‘Simpsons predict the future’ thing but this is like… spot f****ing on.”

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User @wahlins added: “1990 episode of The Simpsons featured Michelangelo’s David.

“Children at home watched. Mine did anyway.”

While @speechboy71 said: “If you ask me, the real outrage about that Florida statue of David story is that the 2023 Writer’s Room is so out of new ideas that they’re stealing material from the Simpsons.”

Account @HosemasterGenrl added: “The Simpsons done it again! Although I wish the prediction weren’t so predictable.”

It isn’t the first time an old episode of The Simpsons has “predicted” a real-world incident before it actually happened.

Famously a previous episode of the cartoon comedy featured Donald Trump’s presidential run and some scenes almost mirrored real life.

Other episodes featured Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, Queen Elizabeth II’s death and former British Prime Minister Liz Truss’ short run of power.

The Simpsons airs Sundays on FOX in the USA and weeknights on Channel 4 in the UK.

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