The biggest ever ‘duff duff’ moments on EastEnders – from Phil Mitchell’s whodunnit to the Zoe and Kat revelation

EASTENDERS has kept us hooked with some jaw-dropping cliffhangers ever since it began in 1985.

The BBC One soap has had its fair share of infamous duff-duff moments over the years. So what are the best EastEnders' cliffhangers in history? Here's our top 10…

10. Sharon returns to shock Peggy (May 2001)

When Peggy was forced to sell the Queen Vic, she got into quite a tizzy about who’d be taking over the reigns. 

The landlady was then shocked to her core when the new owner turned out to be none other than her former daughter-in-law Sharon. 

Sharon nearly shocked her out of her skin with the sassy line: “Hello Peggy – bet you never thought you’d see me again!”

9. Janine pushes Barry off a cliff (January 2004)

EastEnders viewers were left reeling when Janine viciously told Barry that their marriage was a scam she’d carried out to get some cash. 

Barry refused to believe that it could be true, so Janine made a point of proving that she found him repulsive by shoving him from the top of a cliff. 

And she couldn’t even leave it there – she followed him down the cliff, taunted him a bit more and then watched him die. 

8. The reveal of Max and Stacey’s affair (December 2007)

The nation were as stunned as the Brannings when Lauren’s DVD revealed Max and Stacey’s affair.

If only Dot had got her way and been able to watch the Queen’s speech instead.

The moment of reveal has to be one of the most awkward episodes in EastEnders’ history. 


7. Bobby Beale is Lucy's killer (February 2015)

The unmasking of Lucy Beale's killer knocked the nation for six. 

Who knew the moment was going to be stolen by her little brother Bobby Beale?

A flashback revealed that Bobby killed his sister by hitting her over the head with a jewellery box.


6. Den serves Angie divorce papers (December 1987)

After discovering that his wife Angie was lying about having a terminal illness, Den decided to get some sweet revenge. 

Den served Angie with divorce papers instead of Christmas dinner.


5. Sharon gives up baby Kayden (March 2020)

Fans were shocked to the core when Sharon made the heartbreaking decision to hand over her baby after an emotional scene with Dennis's coffin.

The new mother couldn't cope anymore with her grief in the wake of Dennis's death and implored Karen to take the baby for her.

Karen was as baffled as viewers by the development and left at odds over what to do next.

4. Stacey Branning’s killer confession (February 2010)

It was a surprise that even the cast didn’t see coming with Lacey Turner and Jake Wood only being told minutes before EastEnders’ first ever live episode.

After watching her husband Bradley plummet to his death, Stacey revealed to a stunned Max that she was responsible for Archie’s demise. 

3. Phil’s whodunnit (March 2001)

It was a moment no one saw coming – a mystery assailant shot Phil from out of a bush as he stood shouting “I know who you are" into the distance from his doorstep. 

Viewers went mad theorising who the killer could be over the next month.

The culprit eventually turned out to be his scorned ex-girlfriend Lisa Fowler.

Credit: BBC

2. Kat reveals she's Zoe's mother (September 2008)

The nation’s jaw dropped at the infamous “You can’t tell me what to do ‘cause you ain’t my muvva”/ “YES I AM!” moment in EastEnders.

Kat Slater had just revealed she wasn't Zoe’s sister at all, but her mum.

It has to be one of the soap’s most iconic and most-quoted shockers of all time.  

1. Lisa reveals Sharon's affair (December 2019)

Sharon thought her dirty secret was safe after a cruel death twist saw Mel Owen mowed down by a truck.

But Lisa was having none of it and charged into Mel's funeral to let everyone know that Sharon was a murderer.

Channelling her inner Mel she also revealed that the baby Sharon was carrying wasn't Phil's.

Wizard's lyrics from 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' set the scene nicely for the duff-duff cliffhanger, and reflected how the nation felt watching such a juicy episode.

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