The Big Bang Theory fans call out mind-boggling error in dinner scene Sheldon Cooper's mother

THE Big Bang Theory fans have called out on yet another mind-boggling error in a dinner scene with Sheldon Cooper's mother.

Since the last ever season of the CBS television series tied up for good last year, viewers have been binge watching to make sure they can get their daily dose of geeky comedy.

This time around one eagle-eyed fan has noticed a blunder in the fourth episode of season one titled The Luminous Fish Effect.

Before the suspected scene, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) got sacked from his job at Caltech University after being rude to the new head of physics.

This left him jobless and he began mopping around his home.

Leonard (Johnny Galecki) decided to step in and get his mum Mary (Laurie Metcalf) over to help figure out what they can do to help him stop moping.

She came over with a prepared dinner for the boys and Penny (Kaley Cuoco), but Sheldon kept to his naturally stubborn ways and ate in his room.

As Howard, Penny and Leonard tucked into their delightful feast with a fork, Raj used his hands to take a bite out of his roll.

And they all came to a sudden stop when Mary forgot to say grace – which led the fan on to point out the blunder.

Mary interrupted the gang as they ate their food and said: "Now, after a moment of silent meditation. I'm gonna end with 'In Jesus' name."

One viewer of the popular comedy took to MovieMistakes to highlight that during that scene, Raj's roll went from his right hand to his left.

The bread then completely disapearred and suddely reappeared when Mary told Raj and Howard "you two don't feel any obligation to join in".

The blunder comes after Mayim Bialik – who played Dr Amy Farrah Fowler in the American sitcom – revealed she's been "touched by suicide very directly" in a recent heart-wrenching video.

Mayim, 44, explained that she'd wanted to make the video to highlight National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

She said honestly: "I've tried to make this video several times.

"I haven't wanted to make this video cause it's really hard and it's really sad to talk about suicide and that doesn't mean we don't talk about it."

As she struggled through the emotional video, Mayim gave fans an insight into her life.

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"I have been touched by suicide very, very directly and closely," she revealed.

"And there's nothing more important than talking about it and removing the stigma around it.

"We need better access to help so that people can get help. That’s it. I don’t know what else to say."

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix UK now.

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