Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman share their Strictly backstage routines ‘No one can see’

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During Strictly Come Dancing’s live-shows, Tess Daly can be found introducing the celebrities before they take to the dance floor. After quizzing the judges on their thoughts on the dance, the couples make their way to Claudia Winkleman to find out how well they’ve scored on the leaderboard. However, during an appearance on Strictly spin-off It Takes Two, Gethin Jones asked the pair what they get up to when the couples are performing their routines. 

Gethin asked: “What are you two doing when the dancers are performing?

“Are you watching like we do at home and thinking, ‘Oh yeah look at that toe-lead and how’s the hold?’”

Tess replied: “I try to predict what scores the judges are going to give and if Craig is predictably low then I tend to heckle in.

“But you can’t hear me thankfully. I hope my mic’s turned down at that point.

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“Or dancing behind the podium cause no one can see me when I have a dance.”

Getting asked Claudia: “Can you see over there? Do you get to have a look over [the balcony] to see what’s going?”

“This is my little world and there are two monitors up there and I watch obsessively,” she replied. 

“And also I’m 48 and I’ve got the eyesight of a mole so I’m this close [to the monitor].”

“I’ve watched It Takes Two all week which I love, I’ve watched their training and then also their rehearsals sometimes,” she continued. 

“And often if somebody has a rehearsal and they’re really nervous they come off and they’re like, ‘I just need to fix this.’

“So you’re watching just hoping and [thinking], ‘Please let it all come together.’

Gethin asked the presenters what they missed most from the previous series’ after adapting to adhere to social distancing regulations. 

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“We can’t link or hold hands,” Tess answered. “I miss that I won’t lie, I miss being close to [Claudia].”

“I get very nervous before the show and Tess looks after me so we miss that,” Claudia added.

“Mainly, I want those that are taking part to feel good and they are so nervous.

“Normally I would be squeezing them or if they got a 10 we would be all celebrating together.

“Normally I’m up here with everyone but we love the fact we’re on air.”

Gethin said: “This year more than ever we’ve needed Strictly. Why is it such a special show?

“We are so grateful that we can be here this year on air despite the odds stacked against us,” Tess shared.

“It’s a feel-good show and [people] can look forward to it on a Saturday and watch with the family. People enjoy getting to know our celebrities and seeing them transform.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC One tonight at 7.15pm.

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