Teen Mom dad Cory Wharton and baby mama Taylor Selfridge ripped for going on vacation AGAIN during pandemic

TEEN Mom dad Cory Wharton has been slammed by fans for going on vacation AGAIN during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 30-year-old and his baby mama Taylor Selfridge have been spotted on a beach in Mexico as they take another trip, leaving their children at home.

Fans voiced their fury after the couple posted pictures of their Instagram stories of the luxury hotel resort they are staying in.

"Just knocked out a run real quick to start Saturday off right," Cory told his followers, filming himself out of breath and sweaty on the beach.

He added it was a "beautiful day" before tagging their location at Cabo San Lucas, which falls alongside Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

His girlfriend Taylor, 26, posted further insight as she posed in a mirror of their hotel room in just a white bikini.

"So you guys just went to Mexico without me," the mom-of-one added, alongside a snap of the couple's pouting daughter Mila, 8 months.

Taking to Reddit, one social media follower shamed the pair for "taking another vacation" and leaving their little one at home.

Many shared stories of being unable to see family members or having recovered from horrific bouts of sickness while Cory and Taylor show off their luxury getaway.

"I just had COVID and was in the hospital for 8 days and didn't see my 10 month old daughter for 20 days," one woman shared. "F**k these people."

Another chimed in: "I missed my grandmother’s funeral, have now postponed my wedding 3 times and literally see no one but my fiancé, but these a**holes are just flaunting how much of a f**k they do not give."

"They have literally ditched their baby during the pandemic so they can show off on Instagram? How nice," one person wrote.

While a fourth added: "Because heaven forbid either of them actually spend time parenting. This is sickening to me."

Some fans of the couple stepped in to defend having a "baby free vacation", citing it's important for parents to "take some time off".

But they were quickly shut down by those who agreed it may be OK in normal times, but during a pandemic, holidays should already be off limits.

"Trips during Covid are ridiculous bulls**t," one mom wrote. "While parents deserve a break, it's irresponsible to travel and do what they’ve been doing considering we’re in a pandemic."

Cory was previously slammed for a trip to Mexico, where fans worried that his other daughter Ryder, 3, who he shares with Teen Mom's Cheyenne Floyd, "could literally die" if she caught the virus.

Ryder suffers from a congenital condition called VLCAD deficiency, which can cause liver abnormalities and life-threatening heart problems.

Calling out that he has a child with a pre-existing medical condition, one Teen Mom fan commented: “Wtf??? His daughter could literally die if she caught this??

A Reddit user wrote: “This is extremely narcissistic and self-centered behavior especially considering they have an infant and a immunocompromised child.”

Cory faced further backlash recently after taking his family to Sea World in San Diego, where fans said "animals are suffering".

The MTV star shared a snap of his family, including Taylor and both his daughters, as they enjoyed their day out.

Cory captioned it: "Hear me out quick, So I had a moment when we were watching the dolphins and I started to tear up.

"I’ll tell you guys why I started to tear up because, when I was little my grandma used to take me to Sea World and Busch Gardens down in Florida.

 "It just kind of tripped me out because of how happy I was and now I’m doing this with MY OWN family and my two little girls and amazing girlfriend.

"It was just a moment that really made me really happy and it made me realize that I’m doing things the right way and just proud of who I’ve become…"

However, people were not happy at all that Cory had visited the controversial amusement park as they took to the comments section to react.

One person wrote: "Why are people still going to sea world? The abuse these animals get is horrible. But it doesn’t matter right cuz it’s not directly affecting you?"

Another added: "Sea world ain’t it dude," while a third chimed in, "Can’t believe you would support Sea World – ignorance or you just don’t care about the welfare of these highly sentient animals? So disappointing."

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