Stranger Things’ Nancy actress claims lockdown has been ‘blessing’ for season 4 – insisting writers are usually rushed

STRANGER Things was one of many shows forced to put filming on hold as TV production was shut down across the globe.

The acclaimed Netflix hit had just started filming its fourth season when it was forced send the cast and crew home as part of industry-wide lockdown measures.

However, it's not all bad news, according to Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler on the show.

She claimed that the downtime had actually taken the pressure off of the writers, who typically worked to some pretty gruelling deadlines.

"Normally, we get the first few scripts, and then they have to keep writing due to the schedule of it," she explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

"And it takes a while to craft a script. So, normally, there’s a kind of 'writing as we’re going,' but it seems they’ve had enough time."

Ever the optimist, she continued: "I think it’s maybe been a blessing for the writers, in some way, because they had the time to just sit down, think and create."

Nonetheless, Dyer admitted that being sent home so early into filming was anti-climactic.

She also stressed that she expected the break to span weeks rather than months.

She recounted: "At first, it was like, 'Okay, we’re going to go on a two-week hiatus,' and then, it was like, Okay, we’re really going to go on a hiatus.'

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"So, yeah, it’s kind of wild to think about because it’s something that you look forward to so much, and there’s so much preparation and excitement around it."

Still, Dyer said she couldn't wait to get back to work and was fizzing with excitement from what she'd read in the seaso 4 scripts so far.

"We start and stop – and now, it’s been quite a while. But I’m very, very excited for when we do go back," she went on.

"I’m excited by the scripts. I’m excited for everything that this season is going to be. But yeah, it’s an interesting time to be in this industry, for sure."

The comments come after Dyer insisted she wouldn't be taking selfies with fans for the sake of her mental health.

She said that while she was happy to have a conversation with fans, posing for pictures made her feel "like a commodity."

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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