Stranger Things' David Harbour stars in The Simpsons' latest series as undercover Mr Burns – sparking war with Smithers

STRANGER Things' David Harbour will star in The Simpsons' newest series as undercover Mr Burns.

The Stranger Things hunk does not play himself but instead appears as a look-a-like character called Fred.

In the episode called Undercover Burns, Mr. Burns is transformed into Fred and goes undercover at the nuclear power plant to check on his employees.

The ruthless businessman soon becomes friends with Homer and the gang and implements all sorts of perks to improve his employees lives.

But jealous assistant Smithers plots to bring the old, bitter Burns back and destroy Fred.

New pictures show the actor's animation character having a meal with the iconic Homer and his mates, before they settled down to enjoy a beer together.

The actor recently got hitched as he married singer Lily Allen in Las Vegas last week.

The ceremony was carried out by Brendan Paul, owner of the chapel and one of the most famous Elvis impersonators in Sin City.

David photos from the wedding on his Instagram and wrote: "In a wedding officiated by the king himself, the people’s princess wed her devoted, low born, but kind credit card holder in a beautiful ceremony lit by the ashen skies courtesy of a burning state miles away in the midst of a global pandemic.

"Refreshments were served at a small reception following."

Lily gave fans a look at her wedding day on Instagram – and stressed that things were kept cool.

One of the images shows the Not Fair singer in her sixties-inspired designer dress tucking into a dirty burger outside a diner.

It didn't look like Lily cared if she got any of the sauce on the Dior gown, as she ate it with a big smile on her face.

She also shared a snap of her and David standing on the pavement after the wedding, huge smiles on both of their faces.

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