Stacey Solomon 'so excited' as she makes surprise Emmerdale cameo

TV presenter Stacey Solomon has taken to Instagram to express her excitement after making an unexpected cameo in an Emmerdale scene.

The scene, which aired on Monday, August 21, saw Lydia and Sam Dingle (Karen Blick and James Hooton) mention Stacey’s name, and the Loose Women panellist was over the moon.

As Lydia entered the Dingle cottage with a bundle of eggs, revealing that there were four more than the day before, Sam said that it was his manicure that the hens liked, before wondering aloud what they’d make of a pedicure.

Lydia fired back that they’d be bankrupt if he got a pedicure every week on top of everything else, though Sam suggested it might be tax deductible.

Amused, Lydia pointed out that that would only work for someone like Stacey Solomon.

It wasn’t long before an Emmerdale viewer pointed out the scene to Stacey, saying: ‘When you’re watching Emmerdale and Stacey Solomon gets a mention.’

Sharing the video to her Instagram stories, Stacey revealed that she had achieved a life goal by being name checked in the ITV soap.

‘OMG why am I so excited by this. Can’t believe I made it on to Emmerdale. LIFE GOAL.’

Stacey’s namecheck came amid a new storyline that has seen a face from Lydia’s past re-enter her life.

While looking for another job to support her family, Lydia was surprised to bump into Craig, who she had lived with in her children’s home.

She soon revealed that Craig was the father of her son Toby, though he had no knowledge of him ever existing.

Eventually, Lydia came clean to Craig and he was hit hard by the news.

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